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Program Overview from Joseph Armen, DO, Director...

Armen,-JosephThe Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University is a unique institution centered on providing education, service, and research focused on primary care. Since 1977, the Department of Family Medicine has provided a rigorous and educationally outstanding family medicine residency program. In concordance with the department's continued growth and service, a sports medicine fellowship program was designed to meet the needs of primary care physicians. The fellowship program provides additional training for primary care physicians with a special interest in sports medicine, exercise, and physical activity.

Primary care sports medicine physicians recognize that humans are designed to be active and understand the stresses on the body during exercise and athletics. Our philosophy is that sports medicine concepts apply to athletes of all levels, including patients participating in individual or prescribed fitness programs. Sports medicine is also devoted to the prevention and treatment of athletic injuries, the management of medical conditions in physically active persons, and the study, promotion, and use of physical activity in the outpatient population.

photo5Our sports medicine fellowship program serves the mission of the Brody School of Medicine through continued leadership in education, research, and improvement in health care of the people of eastern North Carolina. Our fellowship program, like our residency program, is designed to promote leadership through excellence in teaching, research, and patient care.

The fellow is provided sports medicine training in a primary care university setting with exposure to high school athletics and an NCAA Division I athletics program.

This fellowship program offers an exciting opportunity for physicians interested in physical activity, exercise, and sports to develop excellent clinical skills, continued growth in a primary care field, as well as a curriculum for faculty development. We are determined to provide our fellows with the best training opportunities in order to facilitate their leadership in the field.

Joseph Armen, D.O.
ECU Team Physician
Fellowship Director


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   Linda Weaver
   Sports Medicine Fellowship Program Coordinator
   Department of Family Medicine
   101 Heart Drive
   Brody School of Medicine, Mail Stop 654
   Greenville, NC 27834


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