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Maternity and Women's Health Fellowship

Program Overview from Emily Bray, MD, Director...


The primary care fellowship in women's health, offered by the Department of Family Medicine at the Brody School of Medicine, formalizes the attitudes, knowledge, and skills required to respond to the unique health care needs of women. Training also emphasizes the responsibility of all physicians in delivering women's health care.

Fellowships are one year. Within a structured learning environment, our program allows the physician to focus on an area of particular interest. Areas may include clinical care, educational initiatives, or research. Our program is devoted to providing a well-rounded integrated, interdisciplinary education. We are fortunate to have energetic faculty in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, patient education, physical therapy, sports medicine, geriatrics, substance abuse, behavioral medicine, and public health who all contribute to this innovative program.

The primary care fellowship in women's health offers a combination of training opportunities associated with a university medical center and ambulatory experiences in a relatively small community. The medical center provides ready access to high quality subspecialties, support, state-of-the-art technology, and a health sciences library. The community is also adjacent to underserved rural areas, which helps keep us aware of the individual needs of women with different cultural practices. The program offers a unique and comprehensive approach to studying the field of women's health, by providing access to an innovative academic medical center within a diverse community.

We are committed to helping you receive the quality training that will prepare you for the practice of compassionate, comprehensive women's health care.

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Emily Bray, MD
Fellowship Director

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