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ECU Family Medicine Receives NIH Funding For Hypertension Disparities Research Project

Family Medicine at ECU has a unique opportunity to compare innovative strategies to improve racially disparate BP control patterns among African Americans in the southeastern United States. ECU Family Medicine and Public Health faculty joined with faculty from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, School of Medicine, and from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to apply for research funding.

Adams, Cummings, and LandrineTogether this consortium secured a $9.5 million grant from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI)/NIH, for the project entitled: “Southeastern Collaboration to Improve Blood Pressure in the US Black Belt Region.”

This project will utilize a cluster randomized trial design to randomize 80 rural primary care practices in North Carolina and Alabama to explore how well a practice facilitation (i.e., improving systems and patterns of care in the practice) intervention compares with a peer health coaching (i.e., community-based but practice linked) intervention in improving the proportion of African American patients with uncontrolled hypertension who achieve guideline-recommended blood pressure control.

The study will use a two by two factorial design to compare these two strategies independently and combined together relative to augmented “usual care.” The study will enroll and follow 2000 African American patients from these practices with uncontrolled blood pressure. More information about the study is available from our Research Division at 252-744-2607.


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