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Recent Publications and Presentations

Special Publications

Kolasa KM, Sullivan CS, Henes S and others. Achieving a Healthy Weight in Children. Medical Nutrition Therapy Protocol and Handouts. July 2004. Updated 2009. http://

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Journal Articles

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Recent Presentations

Kolasa KM and Butzen A.  Healthy Food Environments in Hospitals.  American Diabetic Association Annual Meeting.  October 2009

Kolasa KM.  Medical Nutrition Therapy Protocols.  2009 California Childhood Obesity Conference. June 2009

Kolasa KM, Thornhill A.  Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice.  NC Prevention Partners Prevention Institute.  Wilmington, NC 2009

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Kolasa KM.  Pitt County as a Fit Community.  WUNC-TV. Nov 27, 2008.

Kolasa KM.  Pee Dee the Pirate (mascot) visits the nutritionist. Oct 27, 2008

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