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Life in Greenville, NC

Sunlight Shining Through AzaleasWith a population of 70,000, Greenville retains a small town feel while offering the educational, cultural, and entertainment opportunities of a university town.

Located on the banks of the Tar River in the coastal plains region of North Carolina, Greenville is the hub of shopping, health care, entertainment, and sporting events for surrounding communities that are home to over one million people.

Greenville's yearly average temperature is 60 degrees, with averages of 83.8 in the summer and 46 degrees in the winter. Average annual rainfall is 46.7 inches. Whether you are sailing on the Atlantic sounds, downhill skiing in the Appalachian Mountains, or hiking a multitude of trails throughout the state, North Carolina's climate provides year-round opportunities for the avid outdoor enthusiast.

Without smog or excessive traffic, Greenville offers a variety of restaurants, shops, clubs, cultural events, and spas, as well as a wide variety of activities for families. Free concerts, festivals, museums, spacious parks, and movie theaters are just a taste of what the city has to offer. Housing is plentiful and affordable, both near the medical center and in numerous neighborhoods and apartment developments around town.

Pitt County Memorial Hospital is the largest employer in the county. Other major employers include East Carolina University (the third largest university in the state), DSM Pharmaceuticals, and NACCO Materials Handling Group.

Outside the workplace, residents and faculty are involved in many recreational activities, such as organized softball and basketball leagues, golf, international festivals, and music. Many are also involved in the community, volunteering with The Special Olympics, international missions, and homeless shelter clinics.

Greenville is conveniently located just over one hour's drive from the state capital, Raleigh, and from North Carolina's beaches and renowned Outer Banks, and no more than five hours from other major cities including Charlotte, Charleston, and Washington, DC.