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What Is FMIG?

Students on PlaneThe Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) at the Brody School of Medicine is a medical student group dedicated to providing information and resources to students interested in family medicine and to any students interested in exploring primary care medicine.

Whether inviting the county health department to talk to first-year students about career options in family medicine, or hosting a forum for fourth-year students to pose Residency Match questions to a panel of residents, FMIG strives to bring information and resources to students that will aid them in every step of their family medicine exploration. Our campus activities provide opportunities for students to find both companionship and role models through interactions with other students and with many professionals in the field.

Students Practicing DeliveryWhen planning our presentations and activities, we consistently go straight to the greatest source of information we have, the talented family physicians of the Brody School of Medicine. These physicians have a passion to share their experiences and knowledge, often speaking to students on topics such as career options, lifestyles, role models, leadership development, the Match, residency, clinical resources, and technology.

Physicians also lead workshops to teach students skills we may not learn in our classroom studies, but will likely need in our future practices. Workshops have included splinting andcasting, suturing, toenail removal, basic obstetrics, and venipuncture.

Beyond campus, FMIG also supports community involvement with preventive medicine efforts, medical skills enhancement, and leadership roles for students wishing to be involved in primary care.

StudentBoth state-level and national-level conferences put students in touch with the full expanse of family medicine diversity, and FMIG members have been elected into leadership positions at both levels.

Our primary goal is to ensure a student environment that promotes and recognizes the importance of primary care in our nation's healthcare.

We hold reverence for the health of our whole patient and for the relationships we can form with patients and their families over time. FMIG is a group of talented and compassionate students who are always looking for new members to join us in our mission!

For information about joining FMIG, please contact:

Tammy McKinney - Medical Student Education Coordinator

<h1>FMIG Banquet 2012</h1>
On April 4th, we held our annual Family Medicine Interest Group Graduation Banquet.  It is always fun to celebrate with our Brody M4s who are entering Family Medicine Residency Programs!  This year, we had 16 students, 22% of the graduating class, to enter into Family Medicine.  Most of you know that 5 of those students will matriculate into our residency program in July. 

That night, we gave out 2 awards, nominated and chosen by the graduating students.  This year, our FMIG Awesome Faculty Teaching Award went to Dr. Francis Buckman!  Our FMIG Awesome Resident Teaching award went to Dr. Cody Wingler!  These are tremendous honors – please congratulate them when you see them!

Susan Schmidt, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine
Director of Medical Student Education