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Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Group

July 1, 2015 Update

Since the April 29th meeting of The Group, several important steps have been taken towards our goal of developing a regional community health needs assessment in eastern North Carolina. On June 12th, the Steering Committee held their first meeting. Many topics were discussed including how decisions should be made for The Group, possibly expanding the Steering Committee, and better defining the mission and goals of The Group.

In addition, one of the main goals of the Steering Committee meeting was to identify possible individuals to serve on the three work groups that were decided upon in April. Once set, the work groups will start to meet in July and through August to review and complete their assigned tasks. It is the goal of the Steering Committee to reconvene The Group in mid-September or early October to give the work groups the opportunity to report findings.

  1. Structure Work Group
    • Focus on organizational structure of The Group.
    • Discuss how to best manage the flow of information, how the decision making process should work, particularly with issues pertaining to the full group, and other topics as deemed appropriate
    • Discuss who should be involved with the full group (i.e. important stakeholders that might want to be involved that are not involved currently)
  2. Resources, Costs, and Fair Apportionment Work Group
    • Examine current costs and resources needed to conduct CHNA, develop estimates of cost and resources needs for a regional CHNA,
    • Identify cost savings opportunities of a regional CHNA
    • Develop a fair method to apportion regional CHNA costs and other work of The Group to individual counties and hospitals.
  3. Standardization and Uniformity Work Group
    • Develop regional CHNA methodology, definitions, geographic boundaries, common CHNA submission timeline
    • Work on other issues deemed within the purview of this work group.

Steering Committee Members

Voting Members:

Representing Health Departments

  • Jim Madson – Beaufort County Health Department
  • Jerry Parks – Albemarle Regional Health Services
  • Wanda Robinson – Sampson County Health Department
  • Chris Szwagiel – Franklin County Health Department

Representing Hospitals

  • Karen Daniels – Halifax Regional Medical Center
  • Constance Hengel – Lenoir Memorial Hospital
  • Yvonne Hughes – Coastal Carolinas Health Alliance
  • Melissa Roupe – Community Health Improvement, Vidant Health

Representing Other Stakeholders

  • Dr. Maria Clay, ECU, Brody School of Medicine, Department of Public Health
  • Dr. Stephanie Smith, UNC-Wilmington, Director of the Office of Community Engagement and Impact in the College of Health and Human Services
  • NB – Awaiting voting member nominee representing community health centers

Non-Voting/Resource Members:

  • Lorrie Basnight - Eastern Area Health Education Center
  • Will Broughton - ECU Brody School of Medicine, Office of Health Access
  • Al Delia - ECU Brody School of Medicine, Office of Health Access

Structure Work Group Members

  • Dr. Stephanie Smith, Director of the Office of Community Engagement and Impact in the College of Health and Human Services
  • Jerry Parks, Director, Albemarle Regional Health Services
  • Dr. Maria Clay, Interim Chair, ECU BSOM Department of Public Health
  • Kahla Hall, Director, Community Benefit Grants Program, Vidant Health
  • Sheila Davies, Director, Dare County Health Department

Standardization and Uniformity Work Group Members

  • Dr. Suzanne Lea, Associate Professor, Epidemiology, ECU
  • Dr. Katherine Jones, Ph.D., Center for Health Systems Research and Development, ECU
  • Dr. Susan Sinclair, Associate Professor, Clinical Research Program, UNCW
  • Larissa R. Mills, MPH, Coordinator of Health Services, Nash County Health Department
  • Chris Szwagiel, Director, Franklin County Health Department
  • Catherine Nelson, Administrator, Community Health Programs, Vidant Health

Resources, Cost and Fair Apportionment Work Group Members

  • Dr. Ruth Little, ECU BSOM Department of Public Health
  • Dr. John Morrow, Director, Pitt County Health Department
  • Ron Gaskins, Executive Director, Access East, Inc.