Specific Aims

The goals of the Center’s research are to conduct studies on the etiology of health disparities, and develop clinical and community-based interventions to eliminate disparities.


Doyle Cummings

Doyle Cummings, PharmD
Professor, Family Medicine

David Collier

David Collier, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatrics

Procedures Manual Cover Page

Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practices for Departmental Grant and Contract Administration (pdf)

A policy and procedures manual for grant and contract administration developed by Kevin Mills, Director of Grant and Contract Administration at East Carolina University's Center for Health Disparities.

Research Faculty

Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

A Few Recent Publications by Core Research Faculty

Bogart, L.M., Landrine, H., Galvan, F.H., Wagner, G.J., and Klein, D.J. (2013). Perceived discrimination and physical health among HIV-positive Black and Latino men who have sex with men. AIDS and Behavior (pdf), 17(4), 1431-1441.

Bray P, Cummings DM, Morrissey SL, Thompson D, Holbert D, Wilson K, Lukosius E, Tanenberg R: Improved Outcomes in Diabetes Care for Rural African Americans (pdf). Annals of Family Medicine 2013;11(2):145-150

Cheng YC, Anderson CD, Bione S, Keene K, Maguire JM, et al., on behalf of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium. Are myocardial infarction-associated single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with ischemic stroke? (pdf) Stroke. 2012, 43(4):980-986.

Corral, I., Landrine, H., and Zhao, L. (2013). Residential segregation and obesity among a national sample of Hispanic adults (pdf). Journal of Health Psychology. doi:10.1177/1359105312474912.

Cummings DM, Letter AJ, Howard G, Howard VJ, Safford M, Prince V, Muntner P: Generic Medication Use and Blood Pressure Control in Diabetic Hypertensive Subjects: Results from the REasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study (pdf). Diabetes Care 2013;36:591–597

Cummings DM, Letter AJ, Howard G, Howard VJ, Safford M, Prince V, Muntner P. Medication Adherence and Stroke/TIA Risk in Treated Hypertensives: National Results from the REasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS) Study. J Am Soc Hypertension (in press)

Cummings DM, Lutes L, Littlewood K, DiNatale E, Hambidge B: EMPOWER: A randomized trial of a community health worker delivered small-changes approach to lifestyle modification in African American women with Type 2 diabetes: Design, rationale, and baseline characteristics. Contemporary Clinical Trials (in press)

DuBose KD, Cummings DM, Imai, S, Lazorick S, Collier, DN (2012). Development and validation of a tool for assessing glucose impairment in adolescents. Preventing Chronic Disease, 9, E104.

Efird J, O'Neal W, Davies S, Kennedy W, Alger L, O'Neal J, Ferguson T, Kypson A. Long-term mortality of 306,868 patients with multi-vessel coronary artery disease: CABG versus PCI (pdf). Brit J Medicine Medical Res 2013;3:1248-1257.

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Elchoufani, E., Efird, JT., O'Neal, WT., Davies, SW., Landrine, H, Biswas, T. Racial disparities, insurance type, and long-term risk of mortality for lung cancer patients in rural Eastern North Carolina. North Carolina Medical Journal (In press).

Elk, R., & Landrine, H. (2012). Cancer disparities: Nature and evidence-based solutions (pdf). New York: Springer & American Cancer Society.

Fisher-Wellman, K.H, T. A. Mattox, K. Thayne, L.A. Katunga, J. D. La Favor, P.D. Neufer, R.C. Hickner, C.J. Wingard, and E.J. Anderson. Novel role for thioredoxin reductase-2 in mitochondrial redox adaptations to obesogenic diet and exercise in heart and skeletal muscle (pdf). J. Physiol. J Physiol. 2013 Apr 22. [Epub ahead of print].

Gavin, K.M., E.E. Cooper, D.K. Raymer, R.C. Hickner. Estradiol effects on subcutaneous adipose tissue lipolysis in premenopausal women are adipose tissue depot specific and treatment dependent (pdf). Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Mar 26. . [Epub ahead of print].

Henes ST, Cummings DM, Hickner RC, Houmard JA, Kolasa KM, Lazorick S, Collier DN: Comparison of new and commonly used predictive equations and measured resting energy expenditure of obese youth in a healthy weight clinic: One size does not fit all. Nutrition in Clinical Practice (in press)

Hessol N, Holly E, Efird J, Minkoff H, Weber K, Darragh T, Burk R, Strickler H, Greenblatt R, Palefsky J. Concomitant anal and cervical HPV infections and intraepithelial neoplasia in HIV-infected and uninfected women (pdf). AIDS 2013;27:1743-1751.

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Kim J and Kaste LM. Associations of the type of childcare with reported preventive medical and dental care utilization for 1- to 5-year old children in the United States (pdf). Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology. Jan 31, 2013. doi: 10.1111/cdoe.12039.

Kim J, Shim J, Kim K, Wiely AR, McBride BA. Is there a difference between center and home care providers' training, perceptions, and practices related to obesity prevention? (pdf) Maternal and Child Health Journal. 16:1599-1566. 2012.

Kraus, R.M., J.A. Houmard, W.E. Kraus, C.J. Tanner, M.D. Choi and R.C. Hickner. Obesity, insulin resistance, and skeletal muscle nitric oxide synthase (pdf). J Appl Physiol. Sep;113(5):758-65 2012.

La Favor, J.D., E.J. Anderson, J.T. Dawkins, R.C. Hickner, and C.J. Wingard. Exercise Prevents Western-Diet Associated Erectile Dysfunction and Coronary Artery Endothelial Dysfunction: Response to acute Apocynin and Sepiapterin treatment (pdf). Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2013 Jun 12. [Epub ahead of print]

Landrine, H., and Corral, I. (In Press). Targeting Cancer Information to African-Americans: The trouble with talking about disparities. Journal of Health Communication.

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O'Neal W, Efird J, Landrine H, Anderson C, Davies S, O'Neal J, Kindell L, Ferguson T, Chitwood W, Kypson A. The effect of preoperative β-blockers on long-term survival among black coronary artery grafting patients. J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth (In Press).

Pratt KJ, Lazorick S, Lamson AL, Ivanescu A, Collier DN. (2013). Quality of life and BMI changes in youth participating in an integrated pediatric obesity treatment program. Health Qual Life Outcomes, 11(1), 116.

A Few Current Research Grants of Core Faculty

Cummings. Co-Principal Investigator: HRSA Academic Administrative Units in Primary Care –Center on Integrated Care, $799,876, October 2011 – September 2016

Cummings and Lutes: Empowering Rural African American Women and Communities to Improve Diabetes Outcomes, Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation, co-PI, $299,000, June 2011-Dec 2013

Cummings (with Russo) on: Tele-TEAM Care: Bringing the Healthcare Team to Needy Diabetic Patients in Underserved Rural Communities, Office of Rural Health Policy/HRSA; $750,000, October 2013 – September 2016

Cummings (with Bailey and Budenholzer) on: Promoting Preconception Care for Women with Diabetes: An EHR approach, Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, Subcontract Amount: $566,654

Efird. 5R34DE022272-02 2012-2013 Integrating Social, Behavior & Preventive Sciences to Reduce Children’s Caries $232,168

Hickner. National Institutes of Health/NHLBI, NADPH oxidase and microvascular dysfunction in obesity. 1R15HL113854-01A1, 01/15/13-01/14/16. $435,597.

Keene. R01 DK084350-02 American Heart Association National Center NCRP Scientist Development Grant, AHA Grant: 12SDG9180012, 01/01/2012 – 12/31/2015, AHA, Genetic evaluation of genes in the FOCM pathway that influence recurrent stroke risk and measures of homocysteine, $308,000.

Kim. Korean Research Foundation "Human Services Delivery System in the Aging Society with Low Birthrate", $317,860. 2011-2014.