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How to print an encounter form on demand:

From the appointment desk:

  • Select the appointment
  • Select Appt Info
  • Options are in the lower right corner



















How to print a receipt if I forgot at check-in:

From the Appointment Desk

  • Right Click on Appointment
  • Select Receipt




















How to demand print a FaceSheet if unable to print from appt info screen:

  • Click on Reg/ADT and select Patient Station OR select Patient Station from the speed bar
  • Bring up the patient you want to print the facesheet for:
  • Highlight the appointment
  • Select Print Forms (located half-way down the Patient Station screen)
  • Check the box next to UHS Face sheet<TAB> select your printer if it does not default
  • Click Print




















When attaching a referral to sequential appointments (same day, same referral-EX: appt with provider, Ultrasound Appt, Lab Appt) the system will count it as one referral used.  





















Where to enter the info for authorization on a patient with Carolina Access:

For Carolina Access:

  • PCP needs to be populated in registration
  • If the PCP in registration is not the same as the service provider, users will need to enter a referring provider in the Referring Provider Field.
  • The Referring Provider Field for Carolina Access can be populated with Group providers (Facilities) or the actual referring provider (Provider's Name) in this field - This is only applicable to Carolina Access.

Referral Provider for all other Insurance Carriers:

You will need to populate the Referring Provider field with the actual provider's name, NOT the facility, as a referral source.


For the ones that need documentation (because we still need permission from the actual PCP) here is how we are training to document:

From the Appointment Desk, select Patient Option, then Patient Message

Enter the auth info that you received from the PCP, then enter an expiration date.