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How to Create a Batch:

  • Click on Billing
  • Clik on Charge Entry
  • Click on Create Batch
  • "Regular Charge Entry," "File Charges Real Time," "Use Encounter Numbers," and "Use Fast Payments" should all be checked
  • Click on Accept




















How to Close a Batch:

  • From Charge Entry Session Click Cancel To Get to Batch Information Screen
  • Click on Close Batch
  • Click on Process Batch

* Be sure to click on Process Batch!!




















How to Close Cash Drawer:

(Only Calculate Cash, Checks, and Credit Cards collected)

  • Click on Cash Drawer
  • Put Quantity of Bills and Coins in Appropriate Box
  • Then Click Smart Balance
  • If out of balance, reconcile all differences
  • Then click Smart Balance and repeat above step until in balance
  • Gather all credit card documents and checks, and enter in "other" section of cash drawer-checks (2) and credit cards (3)
  • If in balance, checks and credit cards will be checked in the post payment section then click Smart Balance
  • If out of balance, click on Accept-now able to view unmatched payment-edit or add
  • Then click Smart Balance and repeat above step until in balance
  • Choose the "select all" checkbox
  • Enter Cash Drawer name in "Envelope" field
  • Enter User Name in "Collector" field
  • Click "Print Report when Drawer is Closed"
  • Click "Close Drawer"
  • Click "Accept"



















Payment on Account

  • Click on Billing
  • Click on Self Payment Posting
  • Find Patient
  • Enter Amount in "Paid" Field
  • Enter Patient Payment = 611
  • Payment Method=Automatic to Oldest Self Pay Amount (4) or For Later Distribution (6) for prepaid amount
  • Source=check, credit, or cash
  • Ref #=Check Number
  • Click Accept
















How to Remove a Pt from Missing Charge Report when Charge Has Been Entered

Please check the charges that had been entered to make sure all the "header" information matches with the ones the coders entered, i.e. service date, provider, billing provider, etc. Then correspond with them the encounter on the Encounter Form Control Report (missing charges report). See the following steps to perform this:

  • Click Reports
  • Click Billing Reports
  • Click Encounter Form Control Report
  • Click on the General Tab and enter your department-This will auto-set your report to private.


  • Click on the Criteria tab
  • Complete the following fields:
  • Service Area=Enter 990
  • The date
  • Either your department or provider
  • Click Save (This is one time)
  • Click the My Default Report radio button
  • Click Run