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11.30.11 Changes

By now all of our front-end staff should have completed our registration refresher that took place in the Old Laupus Library. We hope that it provided beneficial information to you. As a recap, please remember the following points that we 
discussed during your refresher:

*Always check to make sure the Relationship to Guarantor is filled out under Subscriber Info

*Verify all policy numbers, keeping in mind if subscriber is different from member, the digits on the end will likely change.

*Use your coverage eligibility! Medicaid must be run every time, every visit. Pay attention to any PCP types to let you know if a patient has NC Health Choice or Carolina Access.

*The new plan type for NC Health Choice is now listed as MEDICAID NC Health Choice, please term the old.

*Do not forget to enter your referring facility (from the response history) on the Visit Info screen if a patient has NC Health Choice or Carolina Access.

*Please use your guarantor acct notes if for some reason coverage eligibility can not process your request.

The other change that is very relevant to our department is Pam Wingate's last day which will be this Friday, December 2nd. Pam has been an incredible manager for this department, and she will be greatly  missed, though she assures us she will return to ECU in the not-so-distant future. We want to wish her all the best!

-The Trainers



9.07.11 And So It Begins....

The Training Department created this web page several months ago in an effort  to help our end users be aware of the services we have to offer and when these take place. You may have seen us around your clinics, you may have gotten E-mail communications from us, and you may have even had the pleasure of attending a new employee class or refresher training! Now, we want you to know we are only a call, E-mail, or website-click away when you need us.

It is our vision that this website will be a useful tool for all your HealthSpan needs. Have you seen the new employee in the break room and can't remember her name or what department she works in? Check out our soon-to-be 'Graduates' section for all of those employees that come through our New Employee Training. Keep getting stuck with Coverage Eligibility and how often it needs to be done? Check out our Q&A section to those troubling day-to-day queries. Maybe you used to do charge entry but it's been so long you can't remember how? Look through our "E-Learning" section for step-by-step tutorials!

And, most importantly (!!), if you want to find out what's new with Pam, Alan, Michelle, and Kim, just come back periodically to check out our blog, where we will keep you posted on the goings-on of the Training Department.

We really hope this website will be of great benefit to our HealthSpan end users, but if you just feel the need to hear a warm and friendly trainer's voice, don't hesitate to call us at any time!

-The Trainers