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Training Options

If you are a new employee who will need HealthSpan Access, you will need to attend our face-to-face  training sessions, which consist of five consecutive business days followed by an insurance class within two weeks of the initial training. These dates (New Employee Training) can be found on the Training Calendars. To enroll, please contact the Training Department.


If you are a current employee, and would like a refresher course on Prelude, Cadence, or Insurance, please refer to the Training Calendars for available dates. You will need to visit OneStop to enroll for these classes.


If you are an employee who needs "View-Only Access" to the different applications of HealthSpan, you may be interested in signing up for our Blackboard E-Learning. These classes are self-paced and may be completed online. To enroll, please contact the Training Department.


Please visit this page often as we will soon be uploading Camtasia Tutorials for your viewing pleasure!