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Training and On-Call Calendars


If you have any questions regarding EHR Training for Prelude (Registration) Cadence (scheduling) or Resolute (billing) modules, please contact us:

Michelle R Edmundson: 252-744-3915
pager: 252-551-5255

Kimberly Howell: 252-744-2130
pager: 252-707-8491

Tracie Linscott: 252-744-3913
pager: 252-551-1289

Krista Sipe: 252-744-3020
pager: 252-383-2153


*We offer training through Blackboard for those who only require "View-Only" access. Contact us for more information.


*Also please note that new employees will need to complete a Customer Service Training session with  Tanya Brown Cannon. These available dates are listed on the calendar as well. This session covers the following:

n  Service Ability Assessment for the Healthcare Industry
(to gauge their current opinions – this assessment sent to managers to assist in creating a development plan for new and existing staff)

n  Elements of Success (Identifies who our customers are-external and internal and some basics to success)

n  Telephone Etiquette

n  Effective Communication, including:

l  Body Language

l  The Art of Listening

l  Oral Communication

l  Email Technology

n  Anger Management – How to Handle Difficult Situations
(Done thru a communication style test that determines the 4 types: Analytical, Driver, Amiable and Expressive.
Learn how to “style flex” to communicate effectively with others)

n  Your Role (helps staff know what is expected of them from management)

n  DVD – Telephone Customer Service

n  Goals (to determine what’s their “take away” from the session and a key point they’re
committed to following on the job—sent to manager and a copy given to staff for their records as well)

Tanya can be reached for questions regarding customer service and/or ECU policy at 744-3408.