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Health Information Systems/Services

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EHR One Team Care Upgrade Playground Environment 


Department Overview

Health Information Systems/Services was formed with the merging of Medical Records and the Logician Implementation team into one unit under ECU Physicians Administration in February 2001. Our primary objective is the development, maintenance, and continued enhancement of a comprehensive clinical information system for the ECU Physicians Administration. We accomplish this by offering a variety of customer focused administrative and technical services that all serve to put accurate and complete clinical information at the point of decision making.

If you would like more information about our administrative and technical services and how to begin using them, please contact Mary Thompson, Director of Health Information Systems/Services, at 252-744-2030, option 2.

Our mission statement best summarizes why we exist and function as a guide to all of our efforts and services-

"Health Information Systems/Services, in supporting Group Practice efforts of providing quality patient care while serving as a model for education and facilitating research, will develop, maintain, and continually enhance a comprehensive clinical information system that exceeds accrediting, regulatory accuracy, and completeness, to better facilitate decision making at all levels."