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Services & Sections

Summary Of Services
Health Information Systems/Services strives to provide flexible, customer driven services that meet the many needs of all users of health information, as well as the behind the scene support services that keep our current clinical information system operational.

All of our services are centered on the following operating strategies:

  • Operations - Achievements through collaborative efforts of both our technical and administrative expertise
  • Technology - Research proven technologies for enhancements and to improve availability of the current system
  • Service - Flexible services offered that are customer driven and change with organizational needs
  • Finance - Effectively plan and operate within budgetary constraints
  • Partnerships - Continually seek partnerships that strengthen the flow of clinical information

Our department is organized into specialized sections that work together to provide the following broad services within ECU Physicians:

  • System Maintenance
  • System Enhancements
  • Project Management
  • User Support
  • Clinical Development
  • Data Reporting/Quality Assurance
  • Clinical Applications and Health Information Training
  • General Medical Records Operations