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Health Information Management (HIM)

The HIM graduate certificate provides students who already have a bachelor's degree the knowledge and skills needed in order to serve as a critical link between health care providers, payers and patients. The curriculum is designed to help students develop characteristics associated with an effective leader in health information management: critical thinking skills, problem solving abilities, communication and interpersonal skills, and ethical values.

Graduates of the HIM certificate program are eligible to apply to take the RHIA registration credentialing examination offered by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA)

Program Goals

The goal of the HIM Certificate Program is to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully earn the Health Information Management (HIM) credential.

Upon completion of the HIM Certificate Program, students will be able to:

  • Manage patient health information and medical records, administer computer information systems, collect and analyze patient data, and use classification systems and medical terminologies.
  • Apply medical, administrative, ethical and legal requirements and standards related to healthcare delivery in order maintain the privacy and security of personal health information.
  • Manage people and operational units, participate in administrative committees, and prepare budgets.
  • Interact with all levels of an organization - clinical, financial, administrative, and information systems - that employ patient data in decision-making and everyday operations.

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To be eligible for the HIM Certificate Program students must be admitted by the Graduate School as a degree or non-degree student. There are no standardized tests required; however, there is a requirement of a minimum 2.75 GPA in either undergraduate or graduate studies.

Applicants for the Health Information Management (HIM) certificate must present evidence of an undergraduate degree earned from a regionally accredited institution and completion of the following prerequisite courses within 5 years of making application to the certificate program:

  • HIMA 3120 - Health Care Delivery Systems
  • HIMA 3000 - Medical Terminology for Health Professionals
  • BIOL 2130/2131- Survey of Human Physiology and Anatomy
  • BIOS 1500 - Introduction to Biostatistics
  • MIS 2223 - Introduction to Computers
  • HSMA 3115 - Human Diseases

The prerequisite courses cannot be taken concurrently with HIM certificate courses.

Application Deadlines:

The program accepts applications for fall semester admissions only. The deadline is May 15th.
Course Sequence
The HIM certificate requires successful completion of 24 s.h. from the following courses: 
  • COHE 6310 - Health Care Accounting and Financial Administration 
  • COHE 6460 - Classification Systems 
  • COHE 6480 - Health Data Structures 
  • COHE 6490 - Foundations of Health Information Technologies 
  • COHE 6630 - Quality Management in Health Care 
  • COHE 6640 - Management of Health Information Services
  • COHE 6803 - Internship in Health Informatics and Information Management 
  • HIMA 6060 - Health Informatics

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For questions regarding the Health Information Management program, please contact Dr. Paul Bell at

Health Information Management

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