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 BS, Health Services Management

Course of Study

The Health Services Management curriculum provides a working foundation in management and interpersonal skills, while at the same time introducing the student to the health care delivery system and its many and varied issues and challenges. Graduates are prepared to assume increased management responsibilities with a better understanding of the complex system in which they work.

The Working Professional. This is for the working, credentialed practitioner with an associate degree who wants to advance into supervisory and managerial roles by studying via distance delivery to earn the baccalaureate degree in Health Services Management.

Course of Study for the Allied Health Management (AHM) Concentration

A Traditional Student. The B.S. in Health Services Management will allow the graduate to pursue jobs in mid-level management in health care; OR, the traditional student may choose to become a candidate for a master's program in allied health. With this degree, pre-requisites for the master's will be met and a baccalaureate degree with a job future will be earned.

Courses of Study for the Health Services Management (HSM) Concentration

Majors must earn a minimum grade of C in all foundations curriculum, cognate and core courses.  Minimum degree requirement is 126 s.h. of credit.

Other Courses of Study:
Occupational Therapy (4-year plan)
Physical Therapy (4-year plan)
Physician Assistant  (4-year plan)
Please consult an academic advisor in
Allied Health Advising regarding these professional goals.


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