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Hematology Fellowship

Current Fellows

We have eleven fellows in the Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Program.

Dr. Phillip Chae, PGY6

Friend-Reed-web 070313
Dr. Reed Friend, PGY6

Dr. Musharraf Navaid, PGY6

Dr. Lauren Salmon, PGY6

Srikala Addepalli
Dr. Srikala Addepalli, PGY5

Jessica Hildebrand
Dr. Jessica Hildebrand, PGY5

Ramya Pinnamaneni
Dr. Ramya Pinnamaneni, PGY5

Nitika Sharma
Dr. Nitika Sharma, PGY5

Aparna Hegde
Dr. Aparna Hegde, PGY4

Jamie McClain
Dr. James T. McClain, PGY4

Praveen Namireddy
Dr. Praveen Namireddy, PGY4

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