Fellowship Conference Schedules


Conference Location Time
Guideline review (2nd Monday) Clinic conference room 12 Noon
Micro Plate Rounds (1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th Mondays) Microbiology Library VMC 1:30pm


Conference Location Time
AUSS Meeting (1st Tuesday)
Off-service fellows
Hickory room by VMC Cafeteria 12 Noon
Journal Club (2nd Tuesday) Clinic conference room 12 noon
Research Conference (3rd Tuesday) Clinic conference room 12 noon
Infection Control Committee Meeting (4th Tuesday)
Off-service fellows
MSCR-E 12 noon


Conference Location Time
Didactic Lecture MSCR-C 7:45am
ID Clinical Case Conference VMC teaching annex 3rd floor 9:00am


Conference Location Time
Internal Medicine Grand Rounds
Strongly Encouraged
VMC Auditorium 12 noon


Conference Location Time
ID Board Review Clinic Conference Room 7:30am - 8:00am
Hand Off Conference Clinic Conference Room 8:00am - 9:00am

Microbiology Plate Rounds

micro plateDuring the week, the ID fellow will be responsible for speaking with the pathology resident on microbiology about interesting cases they have had during the week in preparation for plate rounds.

The entire ID team (ID fellows, residents, off-service ID fellows and medical students) attends plate rounds in the microbiology laboratory. These are run by the microbiology pathology resident and the director of the microbiology lab. This will have the following format:

  1. ID fellow will present an interesting case (decided ahead of time with the path resident, as above)
  2. Pathology resident will present pertinent micro, slides, pictures, etc
  3. Dr Henderson will facilitate discussion and ask for differential diagnosis from those in attendance, particularly, off service ID fellows who are unfamiliar with case.
  4. Brief didactics will follow

Plate rounds should also be used as a way to ask clinical questions about patients on the ID consult service.

Journal Club

Journal Club

This series consists of two articles selected for presentation by fellows and faculty (one each) that are relevant to current infectious disease topics. All ID faculty and antimicrobial stewardship pharmacists are in attendance.

Research Conference

research conferenceThe first sessions of the year, the research conference will focus divisional research updates to allow fellows to select a research mentor and project by September of their first year. Additionally, this conference will be devoted to a research curriculum (topics including but not limited to IRB process, research design, REDCap, and statistical analysis).

The fellow will present their research with updates twice annually at this conference. Here, the fellows present their research to the faculty members to brainstorm about progress, success, roadblocks and new directions.

When fellows are not presenting at this conference, divisional research projects are reviewed and discussed.

Quality Improvement Meetings

Each year, the fellows collectively participate in a quality improvement project. Meeting are held monthly to address outcomes and next steps, and are led by our Ryan White quality manager and Assistant Program Director.

Didactic Lecture

Didactic Lecture Series

This series allows each fellow to receive the necessary didactic teaching over the two years of their fellowship prior to taking the board examination. The first lectures of the year contain a set of didactic sessions that are designed to orient new fellows to key topics in Infectious Diseases. The curriculum contains lectures given by the faculty (both division and non-divisional faculty) as well as pharmacists and microbiologists.

Download sample didactic lecture schedule (pdf)

ID Clinical Case Conference

This lecture series consists of cases that are diagnosis specific. The fellows present an unknown case to a faculty member and then allow them to discuss the differential and diagnostic approach they would take. The unknown case is given to the faculty discussant beforehand for preparation. Other speakers include faculty from departments such as pathology, microbiology, pharmacy and our Pediatric ID division.

Board Review Sessions

Six questions are emailed out ahead of time in preparation for the session followed by in-depth discussion of the questions during the session. This is followed by a short didactic by a faculty member on high-yield topics addressed in the questions.

Guideline Review Conference

Guideline reviews are presented by a faculty member who will review an IDSA guideline in detail.