Nephrology Fellowship

Conference Schedule

Conferences form an important part of the nephrology fellowship training program. A series of case-based and didactic lectures have been assembled to meet the educational goals of the program. These include:

Nephrology Case Conference (Weekly)

Attended by the nephrology consult service and the inpatient service team. The nephrology fellow is responsible for presenting cases at this conference or in assisting other team members in the preparation of their cases. This conference also serves as a morbidity and mortality conference as issues of quality of care and complications of treatment may arise.

Nephrology Core Conference (Weekly)

This lecture series is designed to provide a didactic supplement to the nephrology residents’ clinical training and encompasses a spectrum of topics appropriate for meeting curriculum requirements. Nephrology fellows are expected to attend this conference and may prepare for the lecture with reading assignments, but do not present at this conference.

Nephrology Grand Rounds (Monthly)

Includes an extensive review of a topic within nephrology. Speakers include nephrology residents, fellows, faculty, and invited guests. The nephrology fellow is expected to present at least once per year at this conference.

Journal club (Monthly)

Each nephrology fellow is responsible for presenting at least 6 journal articles per year at this conference. Additionally, journal articles may be presented by attending physicians.

Research Conference (Monthly)

Nephrology attendings and fellows present the progress of their research, explore research ideas, or present interesting new findings that pertain to their field of research study. All nephrology fellows are required to participate in a research project and will therefore periodically present at this conference.

Renal Pathology Fellows Conference (Monthly)

A didactic conference for nephrology fellows and given by ECU renal pathologists Romualdo Talento and Karlene Hewan-Lowe. This conference educates fellows in various aspects of renal pathology and prepares them to present at monthly Renal Biopsy Conference.

Renal Biopsy Conference (Monthly)

A review of 4-7 recent biopsy cases. Fellows present any patients they have biopsied, and are called upon to describe pathology findings on presented tissue slides.

Dialysis Care Planning Conference (Monthly)

Multidisciplinary conference to assess individual patient data trending and outcomes. Fellows attend this conference with their supervising dialysis attending during outpatient rotations.

Dialysis CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement) Conference (Monthly)

Looks at overall dialysis unit management issues including patient safety and quality. Fellows attend this conference with their supervising dialysis attending during outpatient rotations.

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds (Weekly)

All nephrology fellows are expected to attend and on rare occasion may be involved in supplementary fashion in a presentation.