About Us

The Division of Endocrinology maintains a full spectrum of clinical services that include the management of the following:

  • Bone Density
  • All Day Diabetes Education Classes for Patients
  • Pre-Gastric Bypass Nutrient Appointments

The division's A-Z Diabetes Educator Boot Camp (previously known as Diabetes Education Fellowship Program) is at intensive, week-long program designed for health care professionals to explore diabetes patient education. Often individuals will use this week as a review for the Certified Diabetes Educator exam. To learn more, please visit the Diabetes Education website.

The division also offers a one-year Diabetes Fellowship Program for Primary Care Physicians. This innovative program began in 2004 to address the shortage of physicians who care for the growing number of diabetic patients in eastern North Carolina. Since its induction, six primary care physicians have successfully completed this diabetes intensive training program.

The division also has an accredited two-year Endocrinology Fellowship Program. This newly accredited program will begin July 2011. This fellowship program is for these individuals interested in subspecialty training within Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism.

Research activities and clinical trials occur in diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, impotence, cardiovascular disease, nephropathy, non-healing diabetic foot ulcers and inhalant insulin therapy. The research activities can be discussed at 252-744-2630.

For general information about our division, contact us at 252-744-2567. You may schedule clinical appointments at 252-744-1959.

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