Vidant Medical Center

Internal Medicine Residency


Chair's Report

Every Monday a PGY-2 or PGY-3 presents a topic of their choosing in front of their peers. This is an opportunity for residents to receive constructive criticism on presentation skills. Residents usually present novel clinical trials along with topics that are intriguing.

Morning Report

On Tuesday through Thursday residents present interesting/challenging cases that were admitted from our services (General medicine, Neurology, Heme/Onc, Neurology, MICU and Cardiology). Wednesdays are sometimes used for board preparation.

Grand Rounds

House-staff and faculty attend the weekly Grand Rounds each Thursday at 12noon. This topic- and case-based presentation highlights the science of clinical medicine to provide high-interest and educational topics.

Lecture Series

Each week on Friday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm is protected educational time. Pagers are handled by attendings or fellows and residents are able to have protected learning.