Vidant Medical Center

Internal Medicine Residency

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The Internal Medicine Residency Program is a university program within East Carolina University with direct ties to the Brody School of Medicine and Vidant Medical Center. We operate within these diverse institutions- yet all have common goals that are cited in each of their mission statements and visions. The importance of staying true to your guiding principles and roots is well understood here at our program. Please read below for a summary of this information from each of our institution’s perspective. Also check out the video highlighting the blending of these missions below.

East Carolina University

It is the mission of East Carolina University (ECU) to be a national model for student success, public service and regional transformation. We accomplish our mission through education, research, creative activities, and service while being good stewards of the resources entrusted to us. ECU has a proud heritage. From our early days as a school for training teachers to our present status as a national doctoral research university. We have continually served our region with quality and commitment since 1907. Our commitment is an expression of our motto, Servire, or "To Serve." We believe that no university has done a better job of public service than East Carolina University, and we will continue to be a national model for how to use university resources for the greater public good.

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The Brody School of Medicine

The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University is a relatively young medical school with a strong primary care orientation. The school established a three-fold mission in 1974 that continues to serve as a guiding framework for our overall educational efforts. Consistent with our overall educational mission to train future physicians in service to the people of North Carolina, the Office of Medical Education (OME) at BSOM was established.

OME is strongly committed to excellence in all aspects of the physician training process. We work closely with our basic science and clinical departments as well as with all administrative units within the medical school to maximize the achievement of our students, and to support our teaching faculty in delivering a curriculum that emphasizes the science and art of medicine. OME is committed to working collectively with the faculty and administration to maintain a learning environment that values every student and facilitates the achievement of their educational goals, including their ability to lead and serve in communities across North Carolina.


Vidant Health and Vidant Medical Center

The mission at Vidant Health is to improve the health of the people and communities we touch, serve and support. VMC prides itself on improving patient experience, quality, and safety and we report our performance to national organizations such as The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

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