Vidant Medical Center

Internal Medicine Residency

Current Residents (PGY-3)

 Shivani Bassi

Shivani Bassi, MD

Medical School: St. Matthews University

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Hobbies: cooking and reading

Interesting Fact: she comes from a family of 32 doctors and her husband is a Physical Medicine and Rehab resident at ECU

Michael Blaj

Michael Blaj, MD

University of South Carolina – Colombia School of Medicine

Hometown: Greenville, SC

Hobbies: enjoys running, cooking, traveling and spending time with his parents and three sisters

Desmond Daley

Desmond Daley, MD

Medical School: Medical University of the Americas

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Hobbies: enjoys biking, working out, traveling and cooking

Interesting Fact: has been told that he makes the best chicken adobo this side of the Pacific

Maida Hafiz

Maida Hafiz, MD

Medical School:Government Medical College in Srinagar

Hometown: Srinagar, Kashmir

Hobbies: photography, writing and cooking

A. Ismail Hamed

Ahmed Ismail Hamed, MD

Medical School: Alexandria University Medical School

Hometown: Alexandria, Egypt

Hobbies: enjoys traveling, sports and spending time with his family

Interesting Fact: he played professional basketball for his country and he is fluent in German

Sanya Kayani

Sanya Kayani, MD

Medical School: American University of the Caribbean

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Hobbies: traveling, baking, reading, snowboarding and hiking

Interesting Fact: she has hiked the tallest point in the Caribbean and her goal is to hike the Grand Canyon

Saleen Khan

Saleen Khan, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Hometown: London, United Kingdom

Hobbies: photography, painting, art, humanitarian medicine, spirituality and traveling

Interesting Fact: fluent in 5 languages

Melissa Moey

Melissa Y. Y. Moey, MD

Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine

Hometown: Markham, Ontario, Canada

Hobbies: playing badminton, running, singing, playing the guitar and piano

Interesting Fact: completed her Masters of Science degree in cardiovascular pharmacology and toxicology before going to medical school and is the first physician in her family

Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Hometown: Williamston, NC

Hobbies: reading, working out, playing basketball and fantasy football

Interesting Fact: he is the first doctor in his family and a world-class kickball champion

Arianne Morrison

Arianne Morrison, MD

Medical School: Wake Forest School of Medicine

Hometown: Teaneck, NJ

Hobbies: enjoys working out and spending time with her puppy, Kola

Interesting Fact: I'm the only one in my family born in the US; My parents were born in Jamaica and my older brother Barbados.

Sonali Patel

Sonali Patel, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Hometown: Houston, TX

Hobbies: working out at CrossFit

Interesting Fact: she is a Longhorns fan

Mhorys Pickmans

Mhorys Pickmans, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Hometown: Tampa, FL

Hobbies: playing soccer and playing the piano

Interesting Fact: couples matched with another IM resident, Anna Tomdio, and has two pets named Mable and Lola

Laura Ross

Laura Ross, MD

Medical School: St. George's University

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Hobbies: watching Netflix, traveling, reading, enjoys spending time with her awesome husband and wild child

Ebunoluwa Taylor

Ebun Taylor, MD

Medical School: University of Jos

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Hobbies: I love spending time with my loving husband and beautiful daughter, tourism, baking, poetry, photography and participating in mission outreach

Anna Tomdio

Anna Tomdio, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine

Home: Massachusetts

Hobbies: exercising, reading and traveling

Interesting Fact: fluent in French and Russian

Theodros Solomon Tsegaye

Theodros Solomon Tsegaye, MD, PhD

Medical Schools: Jimma University, Ethiopia and Hannover Medical School, Germany

Home: Ethiopia

Hobbies: enjoys going to the beach, traveling and living in new cultures

Interesting Fact: lived on 3 different continents and wishes to try a 4th