Vidant Medical Center

Internal Medicine Residency

Resident Spotlight

Paul Woodard II

Paul Woodard, PGY-3

I originally grew up in Raleigh where I went to NC State, and eventually Saint George's in Grenada for medical school. However, I spent the majority of my formative years in the eastern part of NC.

From an early age fishing along the coast was a hobby I was privileged to enjoy. At times we would travel 30 miles offshore to chase monster fish that were not only a joy to catch, but also a pleasure to cook. In addition, surfing and swimming in the ocean have remained some of my favorite activities.

As a resident being back in the coastal region has been a wonderful opportunity for me to focus on my medical training while also maintaining a balance with my personal life. I thoroughly appreciate being in Greenville in regards to both its proximity to the ocean as well as to my hometown Raleigh.

To be able to enjoy the activities of both Greenville and the capital city are exactly what I was looking for when choosing a place to do my training. As an internal medicine resident at ECU, I feel honored to be able to serve and give back to my Eastern North Carolina community. Not only that, but working with our unique population I feel well prepared to graduate next year, and take on any challenges I might face while practicing outpatient primary care.

My experience at ECU has not only prepared me to be an independent physician, but has also helped shape me into a more mature and confident adult. I am thankful for the opportunity to have trained at such a choice program in such a special place.

Jackie Smalls

Jackie Smalls, PGY-2

There are many reasons why I chose Internal Medicine. Perhaps the most important reason was my exposure to many caring and brilliant internists who have taught me that as a doctor, I have the ability to impact the lives of people in their greatest time of need. This has inspired me to not only be a knowledgeable physician, but to be a caring one who puts the patient first.

To be such a physician is something I aspired to since my time in medical school in Dominica. There I worked in healthcare and screening clinics around the island and served people who normally did not have access to basic medical care. Wanting to continue in the vein of altruistic medicine was one of my main reasons for choosing ECU.

Here in Greenville we work with a very unique and underserved population. The opportunity to help treat and motivate them, as well as learn from them helped me realize how blessed we are as physicians in America. We have such a wide array of resources at our disposal, and abilities that are instilled in us during the course of our careers that I feel motivated to give back to those in need. Currently I am interested in joining Serving in Mission, an international Christian mission organization.

Another reason why I was interested in ECU as a residency program is because of the fellowships that are offered at this institution. I aspire to a career in nephrology, but I am also interested in medical education as a whole. A program where staff and faculty relish teaching, and where I have the pleasure of interacting with medical students on a daily basis was at the top of my list. ECU provided that and much more.

My main reason however for choosing this program was the internal medicine residents themselves. During my interview I found the residents to be diverse, and enthusiastic about the work they do here on a daily basis. Working with these individuals side by side I found my initial impression to be more than correct.

Aside from the program and it's many attributes Greenville itself has been a wonderful place to live for me, and my lovely wife Allison. As outdoor enthusiasts the North Carolina mountains and beaches have made for many pleasant getaways. We have also enjoyed trying all the local restaurants, and have found quite a few favorites.

As a current second year resident I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two years at ECU, and I look forward to what my final year as a senior will bring.

Anna Tomdio spotlight

Anna Tomdio, PGY-1

Growing up in Cameroon, Africa, I always wanted to be like the one woman I knew best, my mother. It was her that inspired me to pursue a career in medicine.

As a medical doctor from Ukraine, her blonde hair and green eyes made her stand out in our city Douala. However, it was her dedication to her patients that truly made her special. Although she died young, she left a lasting impact on people. As a child at the time, I did not realize this until a large number of her patients came to pay their respects at the funeral. That level of devotion and commitment to patient care is what I strive for.

While my mother began her medical career as a doctor, I started mine as a nurse in Washington D.C. However, like anyone with big dreams, I came to a point where I had to make a decision about what I wanted my life to look like. Even with the added challenge of raising my son as a single mother, I knew it was time to take the plunge and train to become a medical doctor. A more holistic approach to patient care, and the satisfaction of seeing the difference my work brings to those that come in ill turned out to be the right career move for me.

Being a people person, I chose Vidant primarily for the people. However, the opportunities available to me such as the fellowship programs and the exposure to areas such as the cardiac center were contributing factors. Ultimately, I chose Vidant because I know that here, I can become the best doctor that I can be and closer to my heart, the type of doctor my mother would be proud of.