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Education and Training



The Division of Infectious Diseases provides didactics and teaching for the following courses at the Brody School of Medicine.           

-1.  M-1 Microbiology Course      
-2.  M-2 Microbiology Course           
-3.  M-2 Medicine Course           
-4.  M-2 Pharmacology Course

Students are highly encouraged to choose the inpatient Infectious Diseases elective in their third or fourth year of study.  Inpatient rounds on the Antimicrobial Management Program conducted at Pitt County Memorial Hospital are an additional option offered to students in training. 


The Division of Infectious Disease offers a four week rotation to medical residents.  It affords residents the opportunity to round with the inpatient ID team enhancing one's knowledge regarding bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, antibiotic management and antimicrobial resistance, nosocomial infections, infections in immunosuppressed hosts, and exposure to a wide variety of infectious illnesses.  Residents may also elect rotations in the outpatient HIV Clinic which provides HIV focused care and daily teaching. 


The Division of Infectious Diseases currently offers a two year fellowship.  Our goal is to produce competent, professional, dedicated and compassionate subspecialty physicians who are able to handle a wide range of infectious illnesses either in an academic or clinical setting.  For further information regarding our program, please click here.