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2004 History of Medicine Presentations

To view a list of upcoming presentations, go to our History of Medicine Presentations page.

Fall 2004

Educating Black Physicians in North Carolina: The Rise and Fall of Leonard Medical School 1882-1918

Todd Savitt, PhD (Professor of Medical Humanities)
October 4, 2004
Not recorded

Snow, Water, and Gas: Fundamental Advances in Epidemiology and Anesthesiology Made by John Snow

David Shephard, M.B., FRCPC
October 19, 2004
Not recorded

Three Women and a Dog: Alternative Medicine in the Ancient World

Carin Green, Ph.D.
November 5, 2004
Not recorded

Magic, Medicine, and the Principle of Apparent Casualty in Pliny's Natural History

Dr. Peter Green, F.R.S.L., King Charles II Distinguished Visiting Professor in Classics and Ancient History
November 10, 2004
Not recorded

Medicine Plants of Native America

Stanley Graham Knick, Ph.D., Director of the Native American Resource Center, UNC Pembroke
November 18, 2004
Not recorded