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Books About Martin Luther King Jr.

Citizen King, 1963-1968 [electronic resource].
Alexandria, VA: PBS Video, 2005.
Summary: This work chronicles the last five years of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s life. Part 1 includes the events that led up to his arrest and incarceration in Birmingham, Alabama, the March on Washington, his "I have a dream" speech, the enactment of the Civil Rights Act, and his receiving the Nobel Peace Prize; Part 2 includes the march from Selma to Montgomery, King's move to Chicago, the Poor People's Campaign, his "Mountaintop" speech, and his assassination.--Containers.

Baldwin, Lewis V. Author
Between Cross and Crescent [electronic resource]: Christian and Muslim Perspectives on Malcolm and Martin
Gainesville: University Press of Florida
Summary: Annotation The interconnections between Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X -- their faith claims, their perspectives on culture, and their visions of an ideal society and world -- are brought to light by a Christian and a Muslim scholar.

Bruns, Roger.
Martin Luther King, Jr.: A biography.
Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2006.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: B K585BRU or E185.97 K5 B77 2006

The Martin Luther King, Jr., encyclopedia.
Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2008.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E185.97.K5 M334 2008

Dyson, Michael Eric.
April 4, 1968: Martin Luther King Jr.'s death and transformation of America.
New York: Basic Books, 2008.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E 185.615 .D944 2008

Echols, James, ed.
I have a dream: Martin Luther King Jr. and the future of multicultural America.
Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2004.
Contents: King's vision of America: an ethical assessment /Peter J. Paris -- The poor people's campaign of 1968: King's dream unfulfilled or unfinished? / Linda E. Thomas -- From prophetic preaching to utopian community / Robert M. Franklin -- Growing like topsy : solidarity in a multicultural U.S.A. / Emilie M. Townes -- Keeping the dream alive / Dwight N. Hopkins -- The dream: a future for the present / Justo González -- Prophesy to my people / James A. Forbes, Jr.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E185.97.K5 I17 2004

Frady, Marshall.
Martin Luther King, Jr [electronic resource]: A Life.
New York: Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated.

Honey, Michael K.
Going down Jericho Road: The Memphis strike, Martin Luther King's last campaign.
New York: W.W. Norton & Co., 2007.
Contents: Labor and civil rights -- A plantation in the city -- Dr. King, labor, and the civil rights movement -- Struggles of the working poor -- Standing at the crossroads -- On strike for respect -- Hambone's meditations : the failure of community -- Testing the social gospel – Fighting for the working poor -- Minister to the valley: the poor people's campaign -- Baptism by fire -- Ministers and manhood -- Convergence -- Escalation: the youth movement -- "All labor has dignity" -- "Something dreadful" – Jericho Road is a dangerous road -- Chaos in the bluff city -- "The movement lives or dies in Memphis" -- State of siege -- Shattered dreams and promised lands -- "A crucifixion event" -- Reckonings -- "We have got the victory" -- Epilogue : how we remember King.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: HD5325.S2572 1968.M465 2007

Jackson, Tomas F.
From civil rights to human rights: Martin Luther King, Jr., and the struggle for economic justice.
Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2007.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E185.97.K5J34 2007

Jackson, Troy.
Becoming King: Martin Luther King, Jr. and the making of a national leader.
Lexington, KY: University Press of Kentucky, 2008.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E 185.97.K5 J343 2008

In remembrance of Martin [electronic resource].
Alexandria, VA: PBS Video, 2005
Summary: This tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr. is composed of testimonies by his family, associates, and government leaders, and includes documentary footage.

Kotz, Nick.
Judgment days: Lyndon Baines Johnson, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the laws that changed America.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2005.
Contents: Introduction: second emancipation -- The cataclysm -- Let us continue -- "A fellow southerner in the White House" -- Hoover, King, and two presidents -- A fire that no water could put out -- An idea whose time has come -- Lyndon Johnson and the Ku Klux Klan – A political revolution -- Hoover attacks – LBJ-MLK: a quiet alliance -- We shall overcome -- Shining moment -- This time the fire – Another martyr -- Epilogue: the legacy.

Paris, Peter J.
Black religious leaders [electronic resource]: conflict in unity.
Louisville, KY: Westminster/John Knox Press,

Richards, David A. J.
Disarming manhood: Roots of ethical resistance.
Athens, Ohio: Swallow Press, 2005.
Contents: Introduction: Ethical voice and resistance -- Garrison and antebellum radical abolitionism -- Tolstoy on nonviolence -- Gandhi on nonviolence -- King on nonviolence -- Churchill's resisting voice -- Disarming manhood.

Rieder, Jonathan.
The Word of the Lord is upon me: The righteous performance of Martin Luther King, Jr.
Cambridge, MA: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2008.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E 185.97.K5 R54 2008

Selby, Gary S.
Martin Luther King and the rhetoric of freedom: The Exodus narrative in America's struggle for civil rights.
Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2008.
Contents: Rhetoric and social movements -- Let my people go: The Exodus in African American cultural history – The Red Sea has opened : King's "Death of evil on the seashore" sermon -- Broken aloose from Egypt : the Exodus in King's Montgomery Bus Boycott rhetoric -- Reaching out for Canaan : King's "Birth of a new nation" sermon -- I've been to the mountaintop : King as the movement's Moses -- Keep the movement moving : the Birmingham Protest.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E 185.97.K5 S45 2008

Sitkoff, Harvard.
King: Pilgrimage to the mountaintop.
New York: Hill and Wang, 2008.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E 185.97.K5 S535 2008

Strazzabosco, Jeanne.
Learning about dignity from the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. [electronic resource].
New York: PowerKids Press,
Summary: A brief biography examining the value of dignity in the life of the Baptist minister and civil rights leader whose philosophy and practice of nonviolent civil disobedience helped African Americans win many battles for equal rights.

Sundquist, Eric J.
King's dream.
New Haven: Yale University Press, 2009.
JOYNER CALL NUMBER: E 185.97.K5 S864 2009

Sunnemark, Fredrik.
Ring out freedom! [electronic resource]: The voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the making of the civil rights movement
Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
Contents: "There must be somebody to communicate..." – A discourse of faith – Western intellectualism and American ideals -- The problem of race -- Third World, Cold War, and Vietnam -- Radicalization.

Vivian, Octavia B.
Coretta: The story of Coretta Scott King.
Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2006.
Contents: Foreword / Martin Luther King III -- Homegoing -- Coretta -- A child of struggle – Marriage – Mother of four -- Abiding faith -- Memphis -- Atlanta -- Courage -- On her own -- The legacy -- Champion of justice.

Williams, Clarence G., ed.
Reflections of the dream [electronic resource]: 1975-1994, twenty years celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Cambridge, MA: MIT Press