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Be Kind To Humankind is a weeklong celebration that takes place every year from August 25-31. This week was inspired by a tragic story of a young man who drowned because nobody would stop and help him. The founder of this holiday is Lorraine Jara; she began this celebration of kindness in 1988. Be Kind To Humankind is a celebration of people and the kind acts that they perform all across the globe.

This humanitarian endeavor was created in August twenty-two years ago. From the founder:

Times continue to change and the “me” generations of the 80′s, and 90′s has now become the “WE” generation of the new millennium! People need people; it is as simple as that! In order to have the power to make the world a better place, we must first change our attitudes for the better. Signs of positive change surround us if only we choose to see and hear them. Songs of peace and brotherhood, nations coming together in effort for peaceful solutions and acts of kindness witnessed every day. Also, there are websites devoted to spreading kindness and good news! We have the power to create our own good news if we choose to do so!

Won’t you celebrate this event with us? Here’s how.

During the week of August 25-31, we’ll be sponsoring a
Be Kind Food and School Supplies Drive

You can drop off your donation(s) at one of the following locations:

  • Laupus Library (2nd floor)
  • Joyner Library (1st floor)
  • Volunteer Service Learning Center (Old Cafeteria complex)
    (Campus Kitchen Wish List)

Want something else to do?

Give a smile. Give a hug. Give a shoulder. Give a hand.

In Partnership with:

Joyner Library  Campus Kitchen



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