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Nate Saunders


So it definitely took me much longer to realize what makes me diverse than I expected – not because I don’t feel that I’m diverse, but because I don’t think about it that often. As someone earlier wrote, it’s much easier to write about others than it is to write about yourself.

I’m diverse because I’m open-minded.

I’m not a Democrat or Republican. I believe what I believe and I pretty much can’t stand politics. It’s for that reason that I find it hard to vote . With so many hidden agendas, it’s hard to vote for people you feel like you can’t trust.

I support a woman’s right to choose.

I consider myself a Christian although I don’t regularly attend church. Although I’m a Christian, I struggle with the idea of “organized” religion.

I support GLBT rights because it is not my place to judge. Love should not be limited by the law.

Trying to keep an open mind in eastern North Carolina as I grew up wasn’t one of the easiest things. There’s definitely a large majority of people that are pretty set in their beliefs and have a hard time accepting any kind of change. Luckily, I wasn’t raised like that.

I’m also one of the few big guys you’ll find that enjoys running 5Ks…or running at all for that matter – if that’s not diverse, I don’t know what is!

Nate is an Education Technology Specialist.