Laupus Library

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Celebrating Diversity

Laupus Celebrates Diversity

In an earnest effort to increase the promotion of diversity awareness we will be celebrating varying religions, ethnicities, lifestyles, etc. We hope to educate, expand your experiences, and broaden your way of thinking through the use of various resources such as reading lists, displays, and events.

Diversity is an integral part of successful growth and development. It is ever important to remain informed and attentive to the differences in and of those around you. We are moving and growing toward a progressive and all-inclusive environment. We invite you to do the same.

What is Diversity?

To help answer this question, we had some Laupus Library employees explain just what diversity means to them. 
Part I (6:27)
Part II (6:57)

What Makes Me Diverse?

We also had library employees explain just what makes them diverse.

Monthly Diversity Topics