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"Roadside Attractions: Stop and Smell the Roses"


A.J. Sours, Physician Assistant for the Department of Cardiovascular Science at the East Carolina University Heart Institute, presents a 2015 Spring Semester exhibit as part of the Art as Avocation series. Entitled, “Roadside Attractions: Stop and Smell the Roses,” the exhibit is a collection of photography that captures the often overlooked beauty of nature. The exhibit is on display in the Laupus Library 4th floor gallery beginning February 17 and will run through May 8, 2015.

About the Artist

“While growing up in upstate NY, my father was a photographer for the local penny-saver newspaper. He always had his camera close by for any Kodak moment that may have presented itself. I learned that very often, a Kodak moment will find you before you can find it no matter where you look. One has to be ready for it and expect it when it is least expected. When I was thirty something I studied photography during a single summer semester at college. I’ve always had an eye for art including recognizing a photo opportunity.

My one stoplight town became too small for me as I grew older and I joined the Navy to see the world and spent twenty years in as a Navy Corpsman. During that time, the pictures I took never made it into a frame as my interests were elsewhere then. Since then I have learned to slow down and recognize nature's smile as a photo opportunity. This is the first time my work has been anywhere on display.

Before retiring from the military I attended PA school at Albany Medical Center in NY and soon began work here for BSOM. My family and I have lived here in Greenville for 13 years now and are southerners by default, I reckon.”