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Dr. Anthony C. Breuer, Affiliate Professor of Neurology in the Brody School of Medicine and Neurologist at East Carolina Neurology presents a 2013 Spring Semester exhibit as part of the Art as Avocation series. Entitled, "Artscience in Spacetime: Steam" Anthony will showcase his collection of acrylic and oil paintings, depicting recognizable see-through images in multiple layers and at times warped to more closely approximate their "actual" appearance in spacetime. His work is conceptual, semi-abstract, grounded in and concerned with the nature of reality, energy, and matter, space and time. The exhibit is on display in the Laupus Library 4th floor gallery beginning January 29 and will run through March 12, 2013.

Anthony C. Breuer, MFA, MD, FACP, (aka Tony) is an artist who for relief engages in clinical neurology, vegetable gardening, and fly fishing. Born in Venezuela, the son of a US Foreign Service Officer, he attended a concatenation of schools in different countries which required subsequent remediation at Princeton, Oxford, Harvard Medical School, and the NIH. This molding and warping into one way of thinking ultimately required further correction at ECU School of Art and Design, where he finally "got the picture". A former molecular neurobiologist, he resides with his wife, Ms. Bonny, here in Greenville, NC with their two stuffed dogs, migratory hummingbirds, and resident bluebirds in the vanishingly small, but exquisitely configured Breuer National Forest.