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About the Artists

Debra Kosko, DNP (c), MN, FNP-BC

Debra Kosko is a Clinical Associate Professor for the Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, in the College of Nursing. She received her BSN from the University of Texas, a Masters in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner from UCLA and has completed her course work for a DNP at The George Washington University. Her area of expertise is infectious diseases and global health and interprofessional practice. She has visited many countries as a volunteer, an educator and as a fellow with the US Agency for International Development. Since arriving at ECU six years ago, Kosko co-founded the Nicaragua Interprofessional Study Abroad Program with colleagues at Brody School of Medicine. She currently maintains a faculty practice at Raleigh Infectious Diseases.

"My mother introduced me to photography by dabbling in the photo technology of that time. I began to admire this medium as it was being elevated to an art form. My photography evolved from the family photo to a focus on expression captured through the body and particularly the face. But it has been my nursing profession that has driven my desire to explore the human element while photography has provided me the medium — resulting in photos to share and enjoy with others."

Kathleen Sitzman, PhD, RN, CNE

Kathleen Sitzman is a Professor in the College of Nursing. Before coming to ECU in 2012, she taught at the Weber State University (WSU) School of Nursing and served as director of the WSU Bachelor of Integrated Studies Program. She earned her BSN and MSN from the University of Utah, and her PhD from the University of Northern Colorado. In addition to being a nurse educator, she is a well-known author and Caring Science researcher.

"I am a doodler and greeting card maker. I also use art to teach complex theoretical concepts to nurses — I use pointillism, mandalas, origami, and photography. Students seem to really enjoy learning things using art to explore their perceptions and illustrate their understanding. In a strongly word-based discipline such as nursing, it is very liberating for students to have an opportunity to express their learning in ways that do not include lengthy written/verbal explanations. I prefer using colored pencils, crayons, and felt tip markers."

Elaine Scott, PhD, RN, NE-BC

Elaine Scott is an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing where she serves as the Director of the PhD program. She received her BSN and MSN from UNC at Greensboro and her PhD from ECU. Elaine has twenty years of experience in a variety of leadership roles in nursing. For ten years worked as a nurse entrepreneur in home health and hospice care, followed by five years of national consultation practice, advising agencies on operational and quality concerns. In the late 1990's Elaine sold her Community Care business and transitioned into an academic position.

Since an early age fabric has been an intimate part of her life. "My mother made every item I wore - including coats and bathing suits - until I was 18 years old. My American grandmother and two great grandmothers were quilters. My Dutch grandmother tatted, crocheted and knitted. I don't remember learning to sew — a needle and thread were just as normal in my hand as a knife and fork. I made my first quilted garment in middle school and this addiction has lasted for over 40 years. While I still love quilting bed-size quilts, over the last ten years I have begun using quilting as an art medium most particularly in the form of wall hangings."

Susan Williams, DNS, RN (Faculty Emeritus)

Susan Williams received a BSN from Murray State University, Murray KY, MSN from University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, and DNS from Louisiana State University, New Orleans, LA. After working as an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in several hospitals, she moved into the educational field. She taught for four years at Murray State and then in 1992 began teaching in the undergraduate program in the ECU College of Nursing. While at ECU she worked on several research projects involving breast cancer patients. In 2004, she developed the Clinical Nurse Specialist concentration in the MSN program and directed and taught in that specialty. She and a colleague developed a chapter of the Oncology Nursing Society in North Carolina and worked with the Board of Nursing to establish recognition for the CNS in the state.

Susan has been involved in different types of art media since her childhood. She has worked in fabric, yarn, stained glass, drawing, oils, watercolor and collage, and was an original member of Greenville Brushstrokes. Over the years she has taken multiple art classes with local, regional and national teachers. Her enjoyment in working with watercolor comes from the clarity, lightness and serendipitous nature of the watercolors.

"I enjoy creating artwork for my own and others enjoyment. I want the viewers to experience happiness when looking at my images. I particularly like creating artwork depicting women who are enjoying their life and their relationship with their friends."

Ann Schreier, PhD, RN

Ann Schreier is an Associate Professor in the College of Nursing, Department of Graduate Nursing Science. Dr. Schreier's research interest is in pain management and self-care behaviors for oncology patients. With regard to artistic interest, she began taking art lessons for about 10 years with Annette Brooks. For this show, the works are all acrylic paintings.

"I became interested in exploring all types of art. I found it very appealing to work in acrylics and explore different styles of work. I wanted to try my hand doing work that was more contemporary and not as representational. I also like to do still life and try my hand at using the medium to see if I could paint translucent objects such as glass. Overall, painting has increased my ability to really observe the skills of the masters and fully appreciate artwork. My life has been truly enriched by this work. It also allows me to just let go and thus decrease my stress level and to get in touch with my creative spirit."

Michelle Mendes, PhD, RN, CPN

Dr. Michelle Mendes is Assistant Professor in the College of Nursing. She has practiced caring for children and families for over 40 years and has taught nursing students since 1987.

Dr. Mendes began painting nearly 3 years ago, taking classes through Pitt Community College Continuing Education. Dr. Mendes finds painting relaxing, and she enjoys the camaraderie of the watercolor class, with students sharing supplies, advice and laughter. Dr. Mendes sometimes knits and crochets and she plays flute in the Tar River Community Band.

Lou Everett, EdD, RN, LMFT

Lou Everett, Professor Emeritus, serves as Assistant to the Dean for the Undergraduate Program in the ECU College of Nursing. She enjoys passing her joy of painting on to others. For health care professionals, she is particularly an advocate for using art as an avenue for taking care of one's own health, recognizing such "titles" as "wife, mother, grandmother, and friend" are the "roles" that linger most in the hearts of our families and friends.

Lou now primarily paints in oils, but has also won awards in acrylics and watercolors. Donations of her art have been used to raise money for various scholarships at ECU and other charity events. Her art has also been featured in several books. She has served as President of both the Watercolor Society of NC and Greenville Brushstrokes, and is currently serving on the board of the ECU School of Art and Design. She is a member of the Carteret-Onslow Neighborhood Artists' Group, the American Impressionist Society, and a Juried Member of Oil Painters of America. Her 2012 Solo show of "Humble Beginnings" was the Inaugural Exhibition for the Art as Avocation series at Laupus Library. Lou offers "Traveling Studio" classes in collaboration with City Art Gallery in Greenville, NC.

Annette Peery, EdD, RN, CNE

Annette Peery, is an Associate Professor and Department Chair, Senior Division, and Interim Department Chair, Junior Division, Department of Undergraduate Nursing Science in the College of Nursing. She received her BSN from UNC-Chapel Hill, her MSN from ECU and her EdD from N.C. State University. Her practice areas include adult health and diabetes. Dr. Peery's research interests include chronic sorrow in parents of children with type-1 diabetes, perceptions of children living with type-1 diabetes and teaching strategies in nursing education. Her hobbies include photography, painting, gardening and volunteering with the Oakmont Church Medical Clinic.

"I took art lessons when in middle and high school (oil painting). I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. Photography became a hobby for me in college and I have continued to enjoy that as well. I just like being able to capture scenes that speak to me and now that I am now considering painting some of those scenes I have captured in photographs."