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Jerry Lotterhos, M.S.W., Retired Professor Emeritus from the Department of Addictions and Rehabilitation Studies, College of Allied Health Sciences (1972 - 2003), presents a 2014 Spring Semester exhibit as part of the Art as Avocation series. Entitled, "Downeast Bugs, Birds, and Butterflies: A Collection of Wildlife Photography" Lotterhos captures an intimate glimpse into the lives of unique and beautiful creatures. The exhibit is on display in the Laupus Library 4th floor gallery beginning February 4 and will run through March 26, 2014.

"Growing up in southeast Louisiana gave one early exposure to wildlife. They would not let males go through puberty until you successfully wrestled an alligator-if the alligator won; of course going through puberty was not required. I won!! I saw and learned to love about every critter known to those parts in the tangle of the Honey Island Swamp at the mouth of the Pearl River as it flowed into the Gulf. Demands of education, work, and life allowed me to experience the forest residents of five other states before I found the serene beauty of eastern North Carolina and its plentiful critter population in 1972, when ECU had a student population of 6,500.

While I have always loved being outdoors watching the critters and have spent many hours over the years observing and trying to understand their complex ways, it was only after retirement that I started to try to capture pieces of their essence with photography. Like all photographers, getting a great picture is desirable, but the real fun is in the process-being there and being allowed to share the moment with the critters. One has to spend the time getting to know them and if you do, they will teach you the patience you need to capture intimate, tiny glimpses into their lives. When you click the shutter, you will occasionally capture small pieces of their existence that you can take home and cherish. If you observe them closely, they will teach you love, and help you understand that we are all part of this beautiful place, needing each other to survive.

I am grateful to be allowed to share these tiny glimpses with you--"