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Current Friends Directory

Special Friends

Dorothy Spencer

Distinguished Friends

Donald and Valeria Hoffman
Janice Paris
Nic and Susan Benson
Jonathon and Gina Firnhaber
Robert West
Charles and Jewelle Rogers
Cheryl Elhammoumi
Greg Hassler
John Papalas
Melissa Nasea
Maggie Wilson
Guy Wilson
Charles Rogers
Jewelle Rogers

Principal Friends

Anne Dickerson
Kathryn Kolasa Kelly
Patrick Kelly
Sylvia Brown
William Brown
John Rose
Jane Rose
Jon Tingelstad
Marcia Tingelstad
Elizabeth Albright
Alex Albright
Michael Kennedy
Merry Kennedy
James Markello
Rhea Markello
Mary Raab
Bill McConnell
Phyllis Horns
Fred Horns
Paul Cunningham
Sydney Cunningham
Earl Trevathan
Todd Savitt
Bryan Edwards
Julie Edwards
Kelly Rogers Dilda
Stephen Walsh
Danielle Walsh

Student Friends

Corporate Friends

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