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Current Friends Directory

Special Friends

Deanna Boyette
Dorothy Spencer

Distinguished Friends

Jackie Hutcherson
Bill Carroll
Jon and Marcia Tingelstad
Charles and Jewelle Rogers
Richard and Jo Eakin
Donald and Valeria Hoffman
Al Volkman
John Papalas
Greg Hassler
Janice Paris
Nic and Susan Benson
Jonathon and Gina Firnhaber
Mark Bowling
Dan Shingleton
Helen Shingleton
Sandy Reel
George Reel
Walter Pories
Mary Ann Rose

Principal Friends

Melissa Nasea
Martha and Steve Engelke
Jim and Charlene Peden
James and Rhea Markello
Leigh and Tony Cellucci
William and Sylvia Brown
Paul and Sydney Cunningham
Todd Savitt
Cyrus and Michelle Manavi
Michael and Merry Kennedy
Andrew Southerland
R. William McConnell
Mary Raab
Ernie Larkin
Sara Larkin
Robert Thompson
Marie Pokorny
Dwain Teague
Amera Lewchalermwong
Cyrus Koresh Manavi
Walter Sabiston
Joan Sabiston

Corporate Friends

The Little Bank
Matthews Medical Books