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Evidence Based Searching

Class Description

The objective of this class is not to teach in great details the principles and foundations of evidence based practice. Rather, this class will inform you about which databases to search for evidence based information and how to use those databases.

 Evidence-Based Search Online Class

(duration - 3:14)

Class Handouts

Cover Page - PDF 85KB
This handout contains a definition for evidence based practice as well as the objectives for this class.

Publication Types - PDF 15.6KB
This handout lists the different types of publications that are considered to be evidence based. It also shows a pyramid with the strongest evidence at the top and the weakest at the bottom.

Limits Handout - PDF 265KB
This handout lists commonly used limits to use when searching for evidence based literature.

Keyword Searching Tips and Tricks - PDF 254KB
When you need to use a keyword search, try utilizing these tips and tricks to make your search more effective.

PICO Worksheet - Word 33KB
Use this worksheet to convert a clinical scenario into a searchable question.

Class Evaluation
Please take a bit of time to fill out this form and help us improve this class. For the class date, put the date you completed the online class.

Examples of Evidence Based Searches in Different Databases

You may find it useful to review the tutorials and handouts for Medline via Ovid and CINAHL via Ebsco prior to viewing these tutorials. You can find them on the Help Sheets and Tutorials page.

Medline via Ovid (duration - 9:40)

EBM Reviews: a.k.a Cochrane (duration - 10:29)

CINAHL via Ebsco (duration - 8:42)