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Deaprtment of Medical Humanities
M4 Ethics Selectives


 course description
Directors:Todd Savitt, Ph.D.


Address:Med Hums, Brody 2S-17

Duration:4 weeks (1/2 days)

Students/Block:Minimum 1 Maximum (open)

Report To:Brody 2S-17

Offered:Block 10

This is a two week equivalent selective spread over one month It must be taken with another two week equivalent selective (including research options).

To provide students with a historical perspective of the medical profession and medical practice so that they can better appreciate the current state of health affairs.


I.To learn about the development of medical ideas
II.To learn how to find books and articles on medical historical topics

Student Experience
This is primarily a reading and discussion course with short lectures as needed. Over the month, we will read a number of articles and a book or two. Each class session will include discussion of assigned readings and occasionally a brief report from a student on a topic of interest to all. Some library work will be required.

Evaluation of Student's Performance
I. Attendance
II. Readings
III. Participation