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Deaprtment of Medical Humanities
M4 Ethics Selectives


 course description
Directors: Todd Savitt, Ph.D.
Telephone: 744-2797
Address: Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies,
Brody 2S-17
Duration: 4 weeks (1/2 days)
Offered: Block 10

This is a two week equivalent selective spread over one month. It must be taken with another two week equivalent selective (including research options).

To provide students with an opportunity to enjoy and learn from literary works pertaining to medicine and to exchange ideas and experiences with their peers.

To learn about human behavior using important literary works, and consider how medicine, disease and doctors are viewed from within and outside the profession.

Student Experience
In this course, we will use literature to gain insights into the world of physicians and patients.  Readings will include fiction and non-fiction and draw on short stories, poetry, narratives, memoirs, and essays.  This is a discussion course, where participants are encourage to express their interpretations of the readings and to draw on their own life expereinces as well as their experiences as providers thus far in their careers.

Evaluation of Student's Performance is based on attendance and participation