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Deaprtment of Medical Humanities
M4 Ethics Selectives


The Physician's Role & Responsibility
 course description
Directors:John C. Moskop, Ph.D.


Address:Med Hums, Brody 2S-17

Duration:4 weeks (1/2 days)

Students/Block:Minimum 2 Maximum 10

Report To:Brody 2S-17

Offered:Block 10

This is a two week equivalent selective spread over one month. It must be taken with another two week equivalent selective (including research options).

To examine the various roles and responsibilities of physicians regarding war.


I.To explore the historical role of physicians and medicine in warfare
II.To reflect on the moral dimensions of medical decision-making in war
III.To consider the medical consequences of nuclear war and potential roles for the physician in the prevention of nuclear war and in care for the wounded

Student Experience
Students will pursue the course objectives through reading and discussion of historical essays, policy documents such as the Geneva Convention, medical articles, and short stories.

Evaluation of Student's Performance
I. Attendance
II. Readings
III. Participation