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Deaprtment of Medical Humanities
M4 Ethics Selectives


course description

Directors:Loretta Kopelman, Ph.D.


Address:Med Hums, Brody 2S-17

Duration:4 weeks (1/2 days)

Students/Block:Minimum 2 Maximum (open)

Report To:Contact faculty

Offered:Block 10

This is a two week equivalent selective spread over one month. It must be taken with another two week equivalent selective (including research options).

We will examine various perspectives including medicine, science, literature and law to examine women's contributions and assumptions being made about women in our society.

Student Experience
Students will help select readings on women's studies focusing on issues in medical practice including how women are treated and perceived in therapy and research. The course will be team-taught with a physician.

Evaluation of Student's Performance
I. Attendance
II. Readings
III. Participation