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Farewell & Welcome to Faculty Members!

The summer of 2004 was a busy time of departures and arrivals for four faculty members of the Department of Medical Humanities and Bioethics Center. Two faculty members, David Resnik and John Davis, departed Greenville for new positions in government and academia. David Resnik has assumed the position of Bioethicist at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. John Davis has joined the Department of Philosophy at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville as Assistant Professor of Philosophy. We thank David and John for their many contributions to the Department and Center and wish them continued success in their new positions.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of two new faculty members, Janet Malek and Mary Ellen Wojtasiewicz. Janet Malek comes to us from the Graduate Program in Philosophy at Rice University, where she received her Ph.D. in 2004. Her dissertation is entitled “The Concept of Harm and the Decision to Conceive: A Defense of a Child-Centered Ethical Appeal;” Baruch Brody served as her dissertation advisor. While at Rice, Janet taught several philosophy courses and participated in the first year ethics course at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Mary Ellen Wojtasiewicz comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia, where she completed her Ph.D. in the Ethics and Society program at Emory University in 2003. Steven M. Tipton served as advisor for her dissertation, “Securing Care: Freedom and Fairness as Themes in the 20th Century American Health Care Debate.” Mary Ellen was a Clinical Ethics Fellow and Coordinator for the Medical Ethics Committee at Grady Memorial Hospital and has extensive clinical experience as a pediatric nurse in hospitals in Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New Mexico.

We welcome Janet and Mary Ellen to the Department and Center and look forward to working with them!