Fourth Year Curriculum

Purpose of your Senior Year

The final year of medical school is designed to strengthen areas of weakness, explore possible specialty choices, enhance clinical insight and develop skills that will make the student a better physician.

Students will apply knowledge from the basic and clinical sciences that they have gained during the past three years. The senior year is designed to promote professional diversity and personal growth; its flexibility enables students to use this time to explore areas of interest, above all, to pursue active experiences in-patient care sufficient to provide the basic skills necessary for doctor/patient interaction.

The overall goal for the senior year is to encourage and facilitate the acquisition of perspective in the student's chosen area of future practice, as well as medicine in general, to provide an opportunity for exposure in specific areas of clinical interest, to improve readiness for residency by strengthening areas of weakness by providing advanced learning experience with increased responsibilities, and to encourage further development of basic science and research interest.

Fourth Year Requirements

  • 4 weeks - Acting Internship (AI) - BSOM or Away
  • 4 weeks - Emergency Medicine - BSOM
  • 4 weeks - Intensive Care Unit (ICU) - BSOM
  • 2 weeks - Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation - BSOM
  • 4 weeks - Primary Care (PC) - Ambulatory at BSOM or Away
  • 14 weeks - Electives - BSOM or Away
  • 2 weeks - Transition to Residency - BSOM
  • 6 weeks - Flex (personal study/residency interviews)
  • 40 weeks- TOTAL

M4 Catalog and Course Descriptions

DSTR 9401 Capstone: Health System Transformation & Leadership
DSTR 9402 Capstone: Medical Education & Teaching
DSTR 9403 Capstone: Research
DSTR 9404 Capstone: Service-Learning
EDMD ???? Transition to M4 Year 4/9 - 4/13/18
EDMD 9402 Transition to Residency 4/8 - 4/12/19
EDMD 9420 Leadership in Hospital Administration
EDMD 9425 Business of Medicine
EDMD 9430 Introduction to Research on Underrepresented Minorities in Medicine