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ANAT 9401 Clinical Gross Human Anatomy
ANES 9401 Anesthesiology
Brody 70 Rotation July 2015
Brody 75 by Clerkship - pocket card (Approved 5-2-17)
BSOM Planning Calendar 2016-17
BSOM Planning Calendar 2017-18
Carnival for a Cause 2017
CVSU 9402 Cardiac Intensive Care Unit - CICU
CVSU 9405 Cardiothoracic Surgery
CVSU 9406 Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care Unit
CVSU 9413 Pediatric Cardiology
CVSU 9425 Acting Internship: Inpatient Cardiology
CVSU 9445 PC: Primary Care Medicine & Cardiology in Nicaragua IPE w /NP Students
DSTR 9401 Capstone: Health System Transformation & Leadership
DSTR 9403 Capstone: Research
EDMD 9420 Leadership in Hospital Administration
EDMD 9430 Introduction to Research on Underrepresented Minorities in Medicine
EMRG 9405 Emergency Ultrasound
EMRG 9406 Emergency Medicine
FMLY 9401 Acting Internship: Inpatient Family Medicine
FMLY 9402 PC: Advanced Family Medicine @ FMC
FMLY 9404 Acting Internship: Geriatrics
FMLY 9409 Nutrition & Patient Education – Ambulatory Care
FMLY 9410 Extremes of Age Elective
FMLY 9412 PC: Community Advanced Family Medicine
FMLY 9415 PC: Community Oriented Primary Care – GCSC & PCCC
FMLY 9421 PC: Sports Medicine
FMLY 9434 Healthcare Leadership and Policy
FMLY 9435 International Cultural Immersion Experience (Zambia) PC
FMLY 9440 Hospice and Palliative Care
HUMS 9404 Literature and Medicine
HUMS 9409 Introduction to Law and Medicine
HUMS 9410 Introduction to Health Care Delivery & Policy in the U.S.
HUMS 9418 Philosophy and Medicine: Logic and Critical Thinking
HUMS 9420 Women in Medicine
HUMS 9421 Issues at the End of Life
HUMS 9425 Spirituality & Medicine in Clinical Care
HUMS 9426 Leadership of Teams and Medical Practice
HUMS 9428 Doctors and Lawyers: Exploring the Many Facets of the Relationship
HUMS 9429 Medical Ethics and War
Individually Designed Elective Form
INMD 9402 Adult Infectious Diseases
INMD 9409 Nephrology Consults
INMD 9412 Dermatology
INMD 9413 Clinical Research in Pulmonary Diseases
INMD 9416 Endocrinology and Metabolism
INMD 9426 Acting Internship: Hematology/Oncology Inpatient
INMD 9427 Acting Internship - General Internal Medicine
INMD 9428 Acting Internship: Inpatient Neurology
INMD 9433 PC: Community General Internal Medicine (Various Sites)
INMD 9438 Acting Internship: Inpatient Nephrology
INMD 9440 Pulmonary Disease (Outpatient)
INMD 9441 Gastroenterology
INMD 9443 Pulmonary Consults
INMD 9445 Outpatient Hematology/ Oncology
INMD 9450 General Internal Medicine VA Ambulatory Clinic-Moye (Greenville)
INMD 9451 General Internal Medicine VA Ambulatory Clinic-Morehead City
INMD 9455 Medical Intensive Care Unit / MICU
INPE 9401 Primary Care: General Outpatient Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics
INPE 9402 Acting Internship: Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics - Duplin
INPE 9403 Acting Internship: Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics - Edgecombe
INPS 9401 Primary Care: Internal Medicine/ Psychiatry Combined Rotation
M1 Block 1 2016 Schedule
M1 Block 1 2017 Schedule
M1 Block 1 Schedule 2018
M1 Block 2 2016-17 Schedule
M1 Block 2 Schedule 2017 - 2018
M1 Block 3 2016-17 Schedule
M1 Block 3 Schedule 2018
M2 Block 4 2017-2018
M2 Block 4 Schedule 2018-2019
M3 Academic Calendar 2017-2018
M3 Academic Calendar 2018 - 2019
M3 Elective Course Form Pdf Version
M3 Elective Course Form Word Version
M4 Academic Calendar 2017-2018
M4 Academic Calendar 2018 - 2019
M4 Elective Course Information Form
Medical Education Application 2015
NBME Item Writing Workshop 2016
NEUR 9401 Neurology & Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation CLERKSHIP
OBGY 9410 Acting Internship-Gynecology
OBGY 9411 Community Obstetrics & Gynecology PC: Pitt County Health Department
OBGY 9412 PC: Community Obstetrics and Gynecology (Various Sites)
OBGY 9413 Women’s Health Primary Care
OBGY 9416 Acting Internship: Perinatal Medicine
OBGY 9417 Global Health in Guatemala PC
OBGY 9420 Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice in Women’s Health
PATH 9411 Acting Internship: Surgical Pathology and Cytopathology
PATH 9412 Acting Internship: Subspecialty Pathology
PATH 9413 Forensic Pathology
PATH 9414 Experimental Pathology
PEDS 9401 Acting Internship: Pediatric Wards
PEDS 9402 Acting Internship: Ambulatory Pediatrics
PEDS 9404 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit/ NICU
PEDS 9405 Adolescent Medicine PC
PEDS 9406 Pediatric Neurology
PEDS 9407 Acting Internship Pediatrics Hematology/ Oncology
PEDS 9409 Pediatric Infectious Diseases
PEDS 9410 PC: Caring for Children with Special Health Care Needs
PEDS 9411 Pediatric Nephrology
PEDS 9417 Pediatric Critical Care Unit/ PICU
PEDS 9418 PC: Community Pediatrics (Various Sites)
PEDS 9419 Current Issues in Clinical Genetics
PEDS 9420 Medical Genetics
PEDS 9428 Acting Internship-Normal Newborn Medicine
PSCH 9402 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
PSCH 9405 Acting Internship: Inpatient Psychiatry
PSCH 9407 Acting Internship – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
PSCH 9408 Outpatient Psychiatry
PSCH 9414 Eclectic Psychiatry
PSCH 9415 Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
RADI 9401 Radiology - Diagnostic Imaging
REHB 9402 VS Introduction to Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation for Visiting Students
REHB 9403 Ambulatory Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
REHB 9408 Clinical Neuroscience/ Introduction to PM&R: M4 REQUIRED PM&R COURSE
REHB 9409 Introduction to Clinical Neuroscience
REHB 9455 Acting Internship in Pediatrics Rehabilitation
SOP 6.3. Curriculum Architecture for BSOM
SOP 9.8.2 BSOM Testing Procedure
SURG 9412 Urology
SURG 9416Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)
SURG 9420 Acting Internship in Surgical Oncology
SURG 9433 Surgical Critical Care Unit/ SICU
SURG 9435 Acting Internship - Trauma Surgery
SURG 9436 Plastic & Reconstructive SurgerySURG 9436 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
SURG 9437 Acting Internship in Plastic Surgery
SURG 9440 Acting Internship in Pediatric Surgery
SURG 9441 Transplant Surgery
SURG 9442 Surgery in the Community - Lenoir
SURG 9443 Surgery in the Community - Edenton
Testing Architecture for M2 Block 4 2018-19


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AMA page: Creating the Medical School of the Future
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ASPIRE 2016 Winners
ASPIRE International Recognition of Excellence in Education
Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC)
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BSOM Admissions
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BSOM Diversity Affairs
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BSOM Student Development and Academic Counseling
Dr. Jill Sutton completes national educators program
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