Curriculum Committees

Executive Curriculum Committee

The medical school curriculum is governed by a faculty committee system. Each of the four curricular years has a corresponding "year curriculum committee" that works collaboratively to examine educational issues in detail. The year committees include faculty, student and administrative representatives. Year committees meet monthly and make recommendations to the school-wide Executive Curriculum Committee.

The Executive Curriculum Committee is charged with the "integrated institutional responsibility for the overall design, management and evaluation of a coherent and coordinated curriculum" (LCME Standard ED-33). Consequently, the ECC reviews all recommendations that come from the year-specific committees and/or student representatives and forwards them to the Dean, along with its recommendations and assessment of how the changes might impact the total curriculum. The Executive Curriculum Committee also engages in a systematic review of the entire curriculum on an ongoing basis and formally reports to the Dean and faculty regarding its activities.

The Executive Curriculum Committee is responsible for the following specific tasks:

  • Overall management, monitoring and coordination of the total educational program to ensure congruence with overall SOM educational objectives
  • Review and oversight of the content of the curriculum, including consideration of any proposed modifications
  • Review and oversight of the teaching methods used in the curriculum
  • Review and oversight of the methods used for student evaluation and grading
  • Approving the academic calendar for each year
  • Communicating to faculty and students through curriculum committee representatives
  • Reviewing measures of student and course performance and evaluating the components of the year-specific curriculum
  • Applying principles of evaluating program effectiveness by outcomes analysis, with emphasis on continuous quality improvement of the entire curriculum

Our system of shared governance reflects our tripartite mission. The strong primary care mission of the medical school is very visible during curriculum committee meetings and planning sessions. We recognize that curriculum governance is a dynamic process involving "ongoing review of the educational program" and a "focus....on implementing a quality improvement-based approach to curriculum management" (Academic Medicine 2000; 75 (9 Supp): S268-70). Our ultimate goal is to ensure continued excellence in all aspects of medical student education at Brody School of Medicine.

ECC Members

Leigh Patterson, MD, Chair Emergency Medicine
Rob Carroll, Phd Associate Dean for Medical Education
Richard Ray, PhD Physiology, Chair of M1 Curriculum Comm (M1 CC Chair)
James Coleman, PhD Microbiology & Immunology, Chair of M2 Curriculum Comm (M2 CC Chair)
David Eldridge, MD Pediatrics, Chair of Clinical Curriculum Comm (CCC Chair)
Jitka Virag, PhD Physiology, Basic Science faculty at large
Susan Keen, MD Family Medicine, Clinical faculty at large
Lisa Domico, PhD
Pharmacology, Basic Science Faculty at large
Mary Catherine Turner, MD
Pediatrics, Clinical faculty at large, Program Director
Anthony Mayen (M4 Curriculum Rep)
Jamie Hunter (MSC Vice Chair)

M1 Curriculum Committee

Richard Ray, PhD Neuroscience
Kelly Harrell, PhD Anatomy and Cell Biology
Ann Sperry, PhD Histology
Cassandra Bradby, MD Foundations of Medicine I
Brian Shewchuk, PhD Biochemistry
Robert Lust, PhD Physiology
Justin Edwards, MD Doctoring I/ Family Medicine
Jim Coleman, PhD Microbiology and Immunology
Irma Corral, PhD, MPH Psychiatry
Hellen Ransom, PhD Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies

M2 Curriculum Committee

James Coleman, PhD Microbiology Immunology
Brandon Kyle, PhD Psychiatric Medicine
Darla Liles, MD Internal Medicine
Justin Edwards, MD Doctoring II/ Family Medicine
LaToya Griffin, PhD Pharmacology & Toxicology
Philip Boyer, MD Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Daniel Goldberg, PhD Bioethics & Interdisciplinary Studies
John Wiley, PhD Genetics
Lane Wilson, MD Foundations of Medicine II

Clinical Curriculum Committee

M4 Elective Course Information Form

David Eldridge, MD
Corral Steffey, MD
MJ Barchman, MD Internal Medicine-M3
PG Shelton, MD Psychiatric Medicine-M3
Susan Keen, MD Family Medicine-M3
Carl Haisch, MD
Jan Wong, MD
Jill Sutton, MD Obstetrics and Gynecology-M3
Rich Garri, MD Emergency Medicine-M4
John Norbury, MD PM&R-M4
Kimberly Rathbun Radiology
Richard Ray, PhD M1 Course Director Neuroscience ANAT 7215M
Kelly Harrell, PhD M1 Course Director Anatomy and Cell Biology ANAT 7200M
Ann Sperry, PhD M1 Course Director Histology ANAT 7210M
Cassandra Bradby, MD/LL M1 Course Director Foundations of Medicine I EDMD 9115
Brian Shewchuk, PhD M1 Course Director Biochemistry BIOC 7300M
Robert Lust, PhD M1 Course Director Physiology PHYL 6700M
Justin Edwards, MD M1 Course Director Doctoring I/ Family Medicine DOCT 9101
Jim Coleman, PhD M1 Course Director Microbiology and Immunology MCBI 7400M
Irma Corral, PhD, MPH M1 Course Director Psychiatry PSCH 9101
Hellen Ransom, PhD M1 Course Director Ethical & Social Issues ETHC 9101
James Coleman, PhD M2 Course Director Microbiology & Immunology MCBI 7401M
Brandon Kyle, PhD M2 Course Director Psychiatric Medicine PSCH 9201
Darla Liles, MD/H.Adams M2 Course Director Internal Medicine INMD 9101
Justin Edwards, MD M2 Course Director Doctoring II/ Family Medicine DOCT 9201
LaToya Griffin, PhD M2 Course Director Pharmacology & Toxicology PHAR 9201
Philip Boyer, MD M2 Course Director Pathology & Laboratory Medicine PATH 9201
Daniel Goldberg, PhD M2 Course Director Ethical & Social Issues II ETHC 9201
John Wiley, PhD M2 Course Director Genetics GENE 9201
Lane Wilson, MD/LL M2 Course Director Foundations of Medicine II EDMD 9215
David Eldridge, MD
Corral Steffey, MD
M3 Clerkship Director Pediatrics
PEDS 9304
MJ Barchman, MD M3 Clerkship Director Internal Medicine INMD 9302
PG Shelton, MD M3 Clerkship Director Psychiatric Medicine PSCH 9305
Susan Keen, MD M3 Clerkship Director Family Medicine FMLY 9301
Carl Haisch, MD
Jan Wong, MD
M3 Clerkship Director Surgery
SURG 9306
Jill Sutton, MD M3 Clerkship Director Obstetrics and Gynecology OBGY 9303
Rich Garri, MD M4 Clerkship Director Emergency Medicine EMRG 9406
John Norbury, MD M4 Clerkship Director PM&R REHB 9408
Kimberly Rathbun, MD
Radiology RADI 9325
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