The Brody School of Medicine
Office of Medical Education


Our Mission

Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University is a relatively young medical school with a strong primary care orientation. The school established a three-fold mission in 1974 that continues to serve as a guiding framework for our overall educational efforts:
  • To increase the supply of primary care physicians to serve North Carolina
  • To improve the health status of citizens in eastern North Carolina
  • To enhance the access of minority and disadvantaged students to a medical education
Consistent with our overall educational mission to train future physicians in service to the people of North Carolina, the Office of Medical Education (OME)  at BSOM was established with the following mission:
  • To support the teaching faculty and others in the process of providing an accredited program of undergraduate medical education leading to the MD degree
  • To provide leadership in curriculum development, program evaluation, student assessment and medical education research and scholarship.
  • To provide academic counseling, career guidance and related educational support services to our medical students and resident physicians, with emphasis on maximizing the overall educational experience and achievement of expected learning outcomes
  • To work with our academic medical center in creating a variety of opportunities for students across North Carolina to pursue a career in medicine or other health professions
Our Vision
OME is strongly committed to excellence in all aspects of the physician training process. We work closely with our basic science and clinical departments as well as with all administrative units within the medical school to maximize the achievement of our students, and to support our teaching faculty in delivering a curriculum that emphasizes the science and art of medicine. OME is committed to working collectively with the faculty and administration to maintain a learning environment that values every student and facilitates the achievement of their educational goals, including their ability to lead and serve in communities across North Carolina.

Our offices are located in 2N72 of the Brody Medical Sciences Building.Our primary phone number is 252.744.2149. OME is a unit of the Division of Academic Affairs.


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