2017 Unified Quality Improvement Symposium- Presentations


Session One - 10:00-11:00

Session Two - 11:00-12:00

Session Three-1:45-2:45


Sadeem Ali, MD, PGY-5 Nephrology Fellow
Improving the Percentage of Hepatitis B Immunization in our Hemodialysis Patients

Timothy Barnes, Clinical Manager, Department of Radiation Oncology
Evaluation of the Efficiency of CT-Simulations as a Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Strategy to Decrease the Time to Treatment Initiation (TTI) for Radiotherapy Patients

Pamela Cowin, Administrator, Transitional Care Services, Vidant Health
Optimizing Patient Medication Outcomes through Cross-Continuum Care, Vidant Health & ECUP Pharmacy

Ciarra Dortche, Social/Clinical Research Assistant, Department of Internal Medicine
Where did all the Patients Go? Engaging the Patient by Improving No-Show Rates: A Team Based Approach

Guyla Evans, PhD, Department of Clinical Laboratory Science
Electronic Medical Records and Patient-Centered Care: Twenty Years in the Emergency Department

Sue Anne Fipps, MSN, RN, CPN, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Program Manager, Eastern Carolina Injury Prevention Program, Vidant Medical Center
Safety Starts with Vidant--Newborn Child Passenger Seat Inspection on Discharge

Oliver Glass, MD, PGY-4, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Improving Oral Protection During Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Laura Harman, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Family Medicine
Test Follow-Up as a Proxy for Improving Patient-Centeredness

Juhee Kim, ScD, Department of Public Health
Development of a Transdisciplinary Research Program, Health Information Internship, to Improve Patient Portal use at ECU General Pediatrics

George Koromia, MD, PGY-2, Department of Internal Medicine
Understanding Patterns of Tobacco Abuse and Cessation Counselling at an Internal Medicine Residents' Clinic through Visual Informatics

Suzanne Lea, PhD, MPH, Department of Public Health
Examine the Medical Record to Improve Colon Cancer Screening

Justin Lee, MD, Department of Family Medicine, Sports Medicine Division
Seeking Multiple Interventions for Lasting Efficiency and Satisfaction (SMILE): Improving Joy in Practice

LaShawn McDuffie, RN, MSN, Assistant Nurse Manager, Vidant Radiation Oncology
Development of a Formal Patient Education Delivery and Documentation Process for Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy Treatment

Walter Pories, MD, Department of Surgery
Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence

Sayena Sajadi, MD, Nephrology Fellow, Department of Internal Medicine
Implementing Life Care Goal Discussions with Palliative Care Consultation in High Risk Hemodialysis Patients: An Effort to Improve Quality of Life and Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Ruba Sarsour, MD, Nephrology Fellow, Department of Internal Medicine
Nephrology Clinic Patient Satisfaction Quality Improvement

Ruba Sarsour, MD, Nephrology Fellow, Department of Internal Medicine
Arterial Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy: A Complication of the Past?

Akash Shah, M2, LINC Scholar, Brody School of Medicine
Healthcare through the Patient's Eyes

Denise Thomson, MD, Nephrology Fellow, Department of Internal Medicine
Move It or Lose It: Assessing Frailty in In-Center Hemodialysis Patients

Taylor Wolfe, Geriatric Pharmacy Resident, Department of Family Medicine
Comparison of Fill Rates between New Written and Electronic Prescriptions for Cardiovascular Medications in Adult Patients: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Jan Wong, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Surgery
Improving Patient Safety by Improving Patient Access to Care


Alexandria Dixon, MS4, Brody School of Medicine and Kristie Hicks, MPH, East Carolina University
Group Visit Model for Well Child Visits to Improve Anticipatory Guidance, Family Satisfaction and Support, and Resident Education

Melissa Peeler, RN, BSN, Rebecca Smith, RN, BSN, and Sarah Tapscott, RN, BSN, ECU College of Nursing DNP Program
Meet PETE: Play, Educate, Train, and Exercise- A health centered app that is designed to encourage Play, Educate, and Train youth on health lifestyle choices, and promote Exercise

Zachary Williams, MS3, LINC Scholar, Anthony Mayen, MS3, Ryan Zeigler, MS3, Brody School of Medicine and Christian Cook, D2, ECU School of Dental Medicine
My Health INC.- An application designed to empower patients with a rewards based incentive system, integrated with easy-to-use technology to allow patients to easily track health care data


LaToya Griffin, PhD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Practical Approaches to Improving Student Learning & Satisfaction in Clinical Simulations: A Case Study in Medical Pharmacology

Christy Harding, RN, MSN, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Vidant Medical Center
Earlier Departure of Patients Discharged to Nursing Homes from 3 East

Robert Hartman, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Pediatrics
Identifying a Mechanism to Improve Health Literacy among Adults with Congenital Heart Defects

Triona Henderson, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Pathology
Utilization of the Verigene Blood Culture Identification System to Promote Quality Improvement in the Laboratory

George Kasarala, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Vidant Medical Center
Hyperglycemic Control in the Hospital

Hsiao Lai, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Internal Medicine
Improving Global Assessment in Hemodialysis Patients with Frailty Scoring

Sujitha Nandi, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Internal Medicine
ECU General Internal Medicine Service Discharge before Noon Challenge

Martha Naylor, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Pediatrics
Improvement in Communication of Transferred Patients to a Tertiary Care Facility to Referral Physicians/Nurseries to Improve Provider Satisfaction

Shiv Patil, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Department of Family Medicine
Improving Care of Patients with Diabetes using a Diabetes Registry

Joseph Pye, MD, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Vidant Medical Center
Improving Prevention Screening: Lessons Learned

Laura Respess, MSN, RN, TQA 2.0 Faculty, Vidant Medical Center
Wiping out CLABSIs: Improving CHG Baths to Prevent Infection

Lorie Sigmon, DNP, RN, FNP, TQA 2.0 Faculty, College of Nursing
Role Recognition, Responsibilities, and Communication between Disciplines: Nursing and Nutrition Student Perceptions

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