Teachers of Quality Academy - Curriculum

The Teachers of Quality Academy is a faculty development program that includes online modules, face-to-face learning sessions, project work and graduate courses focused on patient safety, quality improvement, population health in an environment of interprofessional, team-based care.
  • Institute in Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School Certificate
  • Six Face-To-Face Learning Sessions
    • Learning Session 1: Model for Improvement
    • Learning Session 2: Measuring Quality
    • Learning Session 3: Leading for Change
    • Learning Session 4: Patient Safety
    • Learning Session 5: Inter-professional Education
    • Learning Session 6: Population Health

  • Quality Improvement Projects
    • Each TQA fellow completes a small quality improvement project over a 8-9 month period.
    • Visit the QI Symposium page to view the 2014-2015 projects.

  • Graduate Medical Education Courses
    • TQA fellows have the option to complete three graduate courses through the ECU College of Education to earn a Credential in Medical Education.
    • Courses include:
      • ADED 7580: Introduction to Medical Education
      • ADED 6487: Instructional Strategies
      • ADED 6495: Program Evaluation

  • Quality Improvement Symposium
    • Half-day program for TQA fellows to present outcomes of their QI projects
    • Click here to visit the QI Symposium page

  • Medical Education Day
    • Half-day program for TQA fellows to present educational strategies, materials and research to enhance the BSOM curriculum
    • Click here to visit the Medical Education page

     QI Symposium
     Medical Education Day

TQA Graphic
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To view the MediaSite recordings for each learning session, click here.