Welcome to the East Carolina University Med-Peds Residency website!

We believe the greatest strengths of our program lie within our residents and faculty. Our residents, often recognized by our house staff and faculty as among the strongest on campus, are well-trained, astute clinicians at the end of their four years. Recent graduates have continued their careers in a variety of settings including combined inpatient care, combined outpatient care, and a multitude of combined subspecialties. Our devoted Med-Peds faculty members are also invested in teaching and nurturing our residents throughout their four years. They are extremely active within the program, and are frequently recognized as some of the top teachers at our institution.

We also believe the camaraderie within this program is unmatched! The residents and faculty enjoy hanging out together both while at work and away from it -- whether it be at journal clubs, Friday conferences, board reviews, wellness meetings, family dinners, intramurals, or other frequent social events.

ECU Brody School of Medicine and Vidant Health