Combined Med-Peds Didactic Education

This is unique to ECU Med-Peds Program. We meet every Monday all year round from 12:15-1:15pm. This is a chance for our residents to come together with the faculty and any visiting students to help with camaraderie. Lunch is always served. We are very proud to say that each Monday is packed with solid Med-Peds education also which has lead to excellent attendance by both residents and faculty. Examples of conferences types held during our Monday meetings are listed below:

Conference Lead By & Description
Board Review Dr. Turner - Interactive Board Review and tips on Question Taking. Residents over the years have found this very helpful as Dr. Turner helps them polish their approach to question taking while reviewing questions together.
Jeopardy Med-Peds Chiefs - questions are relevant to medicine or pediatric boards. Competition is encouraged and heated discussions arise. Loads of fun - one of the most popular conferences!
Med-Peds Journal Club Med-Peds Residents - Every resident leads 2 journal clubs during their residency. Interactive discussion is encouraged.
Transition Journal Club Lead by residents during Ambulatory Med-Peds/Transition Medicine rotation. Residents have the chance to be creative and discuss any topic of interest as it relates to transition medicine. This has been a very positive experience both in helping the individual learn from self-initiated learning/research and practice teaching and presenting, not to mention fostering the increased knowledge of Transition Medicine among all the Med-Peds residents.
Alumni Case Conference Alumni (e.g. Dr. Dubose, Dr. Kornegay, Dr. Dupres, Dr. Sarwar) who are working as hospitalists at our regional hospitals Vidant Edgecombe and Vidant Duplin come approximately once a month and share a case from everyday practice. They encourage an interactive discussion and help our residents think about practice in settings without as much subspecialty support as we have at VMC.
Guest Speakers Our Med-Peds chiefs have arrange various speakers throughout the year such as a psychiatrist who reviewed national ADHD guidelines with us, a dentist to review oral health issues relevant to ambulatory Med-Peds practice etc.